Client Engagement Tools to Enhance Your Business

Your clients are your business’s lifeline. It is crucial to make them feel valued and cherished. This is a tall order as it demands that you take every opportunity to engage with each client. It doesn’t seem practical. However, it is doable if you use the right client engagement tools. Following is an overview of 5 client engagement tools to enhance your business.

Social Media

Social media makes for the perfect client engagement tool; after all, it is the communication channel of choice for most people on the internet. The various social media platforms are built primarily for communication, so why not use them to reach out to your customers and have constructive conversations.


Client engagement on social media can take various forms. The simplest is using social media for direct one-on-one communications, such as chatting or making voice and video calls. Other types, including running polls on social media, launching surveys, and more!


It is necessary to respond to every message and call from your customers, but it is not exactly practical. So, how do you strike a compromise? Simple: use automated chatbots.


Chatbots are AI-powered programs designed to facilitate communication between you and your clients. Unlike human operators, chatbots are powered by the internet, and so are always available. One chatbot can simultaneously communicate with dozens of clients without straining the company’s resources; consequently, one chatbot can stand if for an entire customer support department.


Chatbots still have a long way to go, so settle for nothing than the best. Ideally, your chatbots should be capable of learning your clients’ needs and providing practical help whenever necessary. The trick is to convince your customers that they are talking to a real person; many people feel offended when assigned to automatic chatbots because they don’t believe they can help. If possible, go for a comprehensive solution such as patient engagement software.


Chatbots will always be operational, as mentioned, so your customers will still get a ready reply whenever they have an inquiry. This should be at the core of any efficient client engagement strategy.

Emphasize Customer Reviews

Amazon, the largest online global retailer, prompts customers to leave an honest review of its products and services after each purchase. These reviews are the customers’ honest opinions, and as such, can be used as a gauge of your business’ performance based on your customers’ expectations.


You, too, should emphasize that customers leave honest reviews before checking out. Make the process easy for customers who don’t consider it necessary or simply don’t have the time; for example, have a grading system based on the five-star system for customers who don’t wish to leave written comments.


Besides customer reviews, you can also send follow-up questionnaires about their opinions on how you can improve the quality of your products/services. These can be in the form of emails, text messages, or automated calls.

Post Engaging & Meaningful Content to Social Media

One of the ways you can demonstrate genuine care for your customers is by offering real help at no cost. This doesn’t necessarily mean from products and services giveaways. A more practical alternative is posting factual, engaging, and informative content to answer their questions.


First, your content should be engaging and interactive to catch your clients’ attention. Second, it should be informative to answer their questions so that they don’t go looking elsewhere, including the competition. Bottom line: have content that meets all your clients’ needs, and they will trust you enough to buy and recommend your brand.

Perfect Your Business’s Mobile App

Mobile has become the device of choice among internet users. It is pocket-sized, which means that you can browse on the go. It is also just as robust as some desktop browsers, which means that you can do everything via the device.


Therefore, it is a clear call for businesses to perfect their mobile apps, as they will soon become the main point of contact between online shoppers and your e-commerce platform. The app should give access to all your products and services and make shopping online easier.

Your Clients’ Trust is Priceless!

Your clients have lots of alternatives, and they will not hesitate to shop elsewhere if they don’t feel valued. As such, show your clients how much you appreciate them by establishing an efficient client engagement strategy. These tips will help you get started.


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