A Complete Guide to Link Building for Increased and Quality Links

Do you want to grab the top spot in organic search? If yes, you need more quality links than ever. You know that the search engine giant Google has mentioned that link building is one of the top three ranking parameters. You need to build relevant links and not spammy ones. When it comes to quality links, it helps in increasing the overall reliability and authority of your website. Did you know your web pages rich in relevant link juice to numerous pieces of informative content help in improving domain-wide rankings in due course of time?

Even a couple of years back, link building was a bad practice because the majority of these were spammy and irrelevant to the content. There was a dearth of unique content, customized email, and only the mere mention of brands without rhyme or reason. Today, bad SEO link building tactics will not work. Link building in 2020 and beyond is all about relevance and quality.

According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, a quality link is one that enhances your brand appeal and spammy ones are those that ruin your brand. Link building today is all about link giving, link earning, link acquirement, and of course building relationships. It is also about building unique ideas for content, which are worth sharing. Then, you also need a link profile, which is varied. That is where the importance of link building checklist comes into play. Read on to learn more.

Avoid ignoring technical SEO

What is the consequence when you resort to link building for a poorly designed website? Is it possible to rank in the SERPs depending on backlinks solely? You need to ask these simple questions before building links. Today, Google rewards clean websites that load fast and mobile-friendly.

Then, will Google give your poorly designed site improved rankings if you have quality backlinks? Will Google rank your clean, fast website that has quality backlinks? Of course, Google will rank a professionally designed website with high-quality links. Then, you need to do your technical SEO before working on backlinks.

Moreover, a webmaster would most probably link back to your site if it’s technically great and provides an awesome experience to the users.

A quarterly breakdown of link building tasks

Here is a list of the breakdown of your link building tasks:

Updating disavow list: Make sure you evaluate this list every quarter because it’s a great opportunity to get rid of sites and include new ones to the list.

Backlink audit: You can export a complete list of the backlinks from Google Search Console and start reviewing the websites, integrating poor-quality and unrelated sites to the disavow list.

Backlink analysis of your competitors:  Each quarter, it is a smart thing to pull all backlink information of your top competitors, at least three. You need to evaluate the data and make a list of websites that would prove beneficial for your business. If you have any doubts, you can consult with a professional online SEO company near you.

Link building activities to do monthly

These are some of the link building tasks to do monthly:

Guest blogging: Write best-quality and authentic guest posts to gain good links. It will help you build constant content relationships with site editors so that you can maintain some contribution every month.

Monitoring of your brand mention - You need to set up Google alerts related to the tracking of brand mentions, competitor mentions, as well as CEO’s mentions.

Syndication of content: If you have topnotch content, it is easy to collaborate with reputed publishers to syndicate the content that you have already penned. It is a win-win situation for you.

Directories: Directories do not become that outmoded as far as attaining initial links are concerned. Once you have submitted your website, you would like to monitor your business name, address, and phone number, called NAP.

Reviews and testimonials: These are untapped link activities, which are easy to do on a monthly basis. If you want to give some testimonial for another business or brand, it is possible to get a link back to your business website. All you need to do is spread the good word.

Affiliate links: Building a reliable, affiliate customer base is another cool way to start quality link building. Again, you will also earn some coins in your bank.

Content: Content is king and it will rule. Then, controversy, ego bait, and data to develop topnotch content will help in generating quality backlinks. Using content is one of the proven ways to build good links.

Broken link building: When you work on your broken links, it is one of the simplest and fastest ways to attain backlinks. Try this and you will benefit.

Events and charities: This is another smart way to gain quality backlinks. When you donate finds or spend time in charities or events, you benefit with respect to some .gov or .org backlink. When it comes to events, you could sponsor them and you would enjoy admittance to other sponsors, which is beneficial.

Weekly link building tasks

There are some weekly link building activities. These are:

Week 1 and week 2: You can run an internal audit as well as a competitor backlink audit to recognize topics for various link-building verticals.

Week 3: You can brainstorm ideas for article topics for churning out quality content. Once you do so, send these article titles or topics to clients for their approval.  

Week 4: Find out opportunities for link building. It means developing email templates and seeking client approval, looking for opportunities for co-citation, and outreach to at least 50 top-quality prospects.

Week 5: Next, you need to start composing quality content and after you finish writing, request the client for approval.

Final words

Now that you have so much information handy, it is time to start building quality links to boost your website rankings in the SERPs. You can learn more about link building strategies from the info above and guides to implement the right tactics for grabbing the top spot in the SERPs. Good luck with your link building endeavor!

About the author

Derek Iwasiuk runs national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEOs and top agencies such as Engage a Crowd the best Los Angeles SEOservice provider. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk


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