The Coolest Promotional Products for Your Business

Every business needs to get advertised or promoted. By advertisement or promotion, a business has maximum reach to its potential customers along with the existing one.


In today’s world, there are numerous options to promote or advertise a business, and the use of promotional products is one of the most effective ways. The use of promotional products for business promotion is very popular, as these items have the highest advertising recall. As per a study, approximately 45% of persons use a promotional product daily, and 58% of them keep the best one for 1-4 years.   

Promotional products leave a long-lasting recognition for a business. You should use such items if you want to give a boost to your business sales or promote your brand. Here you may have a question what promotional items you should choose/use for your business promotion. Some suggesations for you as follows:


Water bottles

Do you want to have deals in drinks? From manufacturing to retail, hospitality and healthcare, drinkware will boost your sales. The effective trick is that you should make your drinkware, especially water bottles, mugs, and glasses, conspicuous, unique, and durable. Have bold colors and use creativity for design. 


At fitness centers, branded water bottles with customized labels work better. The fitness trainees need to hydrate themselves after an intensive fitness session. Water labels will do that trick for you, as every person whether he is at work, in the park, fintness center, or the way, use a bottle to drink water. With clear print of message and your business logo, the distribution of water bottles will help you a lot in your brand promotion.



In this digital age, we still use pen and paper. As per a report, Americans use more than nine billion tons of paper each year. You know there is no use of paper without a pen.      


Pens are the one of best promotional products, as we use a pen, from school to university education and daily life, for writing notes and signing documents. You can use pens with personalized stickers as a promotioonal product for your brand promotion and maximize your customer reach.


Printed T-shirts

You can use t-shirts for your business promotion. For this, you have to do nothing except gifting printed t-shirts to your employees and asking them to have the same on while coming to workplace and going back to home. These t-shirts with personalized stickers and labels will help you promote your business, as people will uninvitably see your business name printed on t-shirts often and they can contact your employees to know more about your brand.


Trade show bags

Are you at a trade show and offering items there? Giving away a bag with custom label or sticker will be more practical for your brand promotion. A bag might not be an innovative item. However, its usage is timeless. People need it to carry their other items from shopping centers to home or during travel. A bag makes it sure that maximum number of people notice your business logo where it will be carried by your customers.


Stress balls

At any time in life, approximately 77% of Americans have some type of stress. This fact ensures that using stress balls with your personalized stickers will work better for your brand promotion than all other promotional products. You know how the use of a stress ball will work for you. People will squeeze the stress balls when they feel stress. While squeezing the ball, they will come across your business logo with a brief message. They can contact you in their need of the products/services you are offering.


Power banks

In this digital world, we love our smartphones a lot, as we can’t live our normal life without it. For constant use for few hours, the batteries of our smartphones come down and we have no facility to get the bettery recharge soon. In this case, most of us love having power banks, as they store charge and juice up smartphones. So, power banks are an excellent promotional product. To use power banks as your brand promotional product, you should go for sleek design, best quality, and a high capacity.    


Custom wine bottles

For most of social and corporate parties, wine is one of the most favorable beverages. By offering customized wine bottles at parties, you can promote your brand. Wine bottle labels will transform the wine bottle into an elegant souvenir and make the guests happy to recieve such personalized serving.


Bottom line

It is sure you will find at least one from these cool promotional products and you will have success in promoting your business and maximizing your customer reach. If you still have issue in promotional ideas for your brand promotion, you can look for professional support and the professional will give some new and unique ideas.  

About the author

Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media. You can follow him on Twitter.


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