Customer Service Mistakes Avoided By the Best Companies

Many Professions and trades want to stand out in the crowd. In order to maintain a world class team, a company or group you need to avoid certain characteristics in order to ensure optimum performance. The task of your company’s customer service is no different.

World Class Teams

One great example of world class teams that avoid such characteristics is Socar Gas Georgia. While under the supervision of the excellent Anar Mammadov, growth has continued. However, they have not lost track of world class customer service qualities. It is worthwhile to investigate this company and other such corporations to fully see how they manage their respective customer service with an aim to replicate it for your own business success. You can read an interview with Anar Mammadov here.

What characteristics do these world class customer service representatives, such as Socar Gas, avoid?

Reps Becoming Mechanical After a While

Good customer service representatives understand that customers want more than hearing a script read back to them. Customers contact them because they are looking for help. These representatives will always treat each problem as unique and important, and they will look for successful resolution.

In the eyes of the customer, the customer service representative that answers the phone or chat is, in fact, the company. The top teams and businesses know the importance of resolving the customer's issues regardless of whether they are responsible for the issue or not. They train their reps how to accept responsibility, apologise, and make sure a customer knows their concern is important. 

Reps Easily Using the "Can't" Word

Even the best customer service representative cannot stop the inevitable from happening. There are times when shipments do not arrive to the customer on schedule. However, they can do things to ensure that the problem is resolved.

For example, when a customer calls a help desk asking why his/her shipment has not arrive yet, it is easy to go directly to the "can't" word and tell the customer that they "can't" do anything about it, and they should contact the shipping company. The best representatives, on the other hand, will let the customer know that it is not their area, but that he can call the shipping company to expedite shipment. The customer will, no doubt, appreciate the second response over the first. 

Follow Ups Slipping Away

On focused teams, representatives try to resolve all issues without slipping away. When it is not easy to do so, they offer reasonable follow ups. Problems that cannot be solved immediately, are solved slowly and possibly with others help. Simply asking a customer if his needs have been met can go a long way. As well, the best companies will be sure that their reps have all the tools they need to solve customer issues smoothly.

These give you and your growing business some great pointers to follow and learn from established business. Put them into practice, get some venture capital grow with new sales and retain your loyal customers.

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