Cyber Monday - 5 Ways to Get Great Deals on Business Electronics

Some people relish in the idea of beating the mobs of shoppers on Black Friday to the best deals a store has to offer. With the increase in usage of the internet for making purchases, Cyber Monday has quickly become the preferred method for many holiday shoppers and business owners. Many business owners prefer to do their “fighting for deals” virtually and in the comfort of their own homes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only for people looking for great holiday shopping deals. These two giant shopping days are also a great time for business owners to stock up on the business electronics and new technology needed for the office. All businesses need new technology and should look to take advantage of the savings available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make a List - Check It Twice

Take stock of the business technology needs in the office. Make a list of the business electronics and supplies you will be purchasing on Cyber Monday. With the vastness of the internet it is easy to veer off on a buying tangent and end up spending more than you wanted to on unnecessary items. Just like there are impulse buys positioned strategically in brick and mortar stores, online retailers use the same approach to increase a purchase’s total checkout price. Having a list ahead of time is key to helping you maintain your focus and only buy the items you need.

Do the Math – Stick to Your Budget

As a business owner, you are very familiar with the need to create a budget on any project. You should view shopping online on Cyber Monday as another project undertaking for the business and set a budget. Weigh the business’s technology needs versus the business’s wants. Set aside the finance to cover the needs first. If you are able to justify the funds for acquiring some or all of the business’s wants, then include them into the budget as well. Do your best on Cyber Monday to shop smartly and even stay under budget.

Do Your Online Homework

Ahead of Cyber Monday, it is a best practice to get online and research the business electronics and other items you intend to purchase. Use price comparison websites to quickly view product prices side-by-side. For package items, make sure you are comparing apples to apples, because some online retailers will exclude certain parts of a package to help keep the price down. Also, be aware of ‘shipping tricks”. Sometimes online stores will play with the shipping price by either increasing the price of an item and then offering free shipping, or pricing an item at the breakeven point and then charging a little more in shipping to actually make their profit.

Focus on Business Technology and Business Electronics

Buying online is better for certain types of products and online retailers realize this. It is possible to find great deals on all kinds of items, but you are likely to find the best deals on Cyber Monday on business technology and electronics. Many business owners will buy general office supplies in the store on Black Friday and buy their business electronics online on Cyber Monday. Splitting up the shopping this way helps maximize your business’s savings. For more deal ideas on business technology products, click here.

Save Your Receipts

Saving your receipts as a business owner should be second nature, but at no time is it more important than when making online purchases. All legitimate online stores will provide you with their return/refund policy and a receipt for your purchases. In the unlikely event that an item is not delivered or is delivered damaged, you will need your receipt to get a replacement item or a refund.

Businesses need new technology and electronics, and there is no better time to buy these items than on Cyber Monday. The savings will be great.

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Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology.


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