Designing a Modern Sophisticated Home Office

A home office doesn’t have to be a sterile place where you work and keep files. If you’re redesigning your office or setting up a home office for the first time, create a stylish look with functional pieces that you’ll love to get the most out of your space.

To begin, you’ll want to select a grand-looking desk to serve as the focal point of your office. Consider a traditional design made from rough milled pine with multiple drawers to hold everything you’ll need. Select a naturally textured piece in a deep-colored finish with gray undertones that will go with most styles of homes. Select pewter-tone hardware for a genuinely classy look.

Opt for an elegant, wooden desk chair that coordinates with the desk. Choose a design that swivels for the most versatility. A chair with rich faux leather on the seat and back will add a chic appearance to the room.

For storage, you’ll want one or more open, tall bookcases with multiple shelves designed in the same finish as your desk. Place one beside your desk or one on both sides if you have room for two. You can also place them side by side along an adjacent wall. You can store books, software boxes, and even individual CDs on the shelves, so they’ll always be handy when you need them.

One of the major points is when you are starting a new business for yourself (or together with others) and especially from home you will need to record what you are doing and so keep a good record of the transactions and business dealings on a day to day basis as this is a vital key to making things work properly. When you are setting up your filing system be sure to label everything in the correct way otherwise you will start to lose track of what you are doing and how. Low Tack Labels  are a perfect way to keep good track of your new home filing system to make sure your filing is all in order.

If you have room for a seating area in your office, a charming loveseat with extra-wide arms and exposed feet will look fabulous. Something in gunmetal gray will work well with the coloring of the desk previously mentioned. Choose a loveseat with high-resiliency foam cushions to provide the ultimate in comfort.

For file storage that looks trendy, place two filing cabinets on either side of the loveseat. Choose cabinets made from the same type of wood as your desk and bookcases to coordinate the look. For additional functionality and convenience, opt for file cabinets with integrated plug-ins and USB charging slots. Short cabinets will look best, but you can use taller ones if you need additional storage.

Your office can look as stylish as the rest of the rooms in your home and still provide everything you need for work. Keeping your office organized and giving it a sophisticated appearance will even help you to get more done because less clutter and nicer-looking surroundings ease stress.

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