Different Types Of Outdoor Advertising Available To You

As a customer, you will notice outdoor advertising almost every single day. Although it is very hard to grab the attention of the average customer. It is said that consumers see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day especially when you like in cities like New York or Chicago.

But the impact of those ads is almost zero. So, doing it the right way is imperative or, it is simply a waste of time. Such sort of ads is known as out-of-home (OOH) that many advertising agencies in Australia provide. However, outdoor advertising is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches the public when they are out.


This outdoor advertising is also considered as a mass-market medium such as broadcast, radio, TV, and cinema advertising. That is the reason why outdoor advertising is used to show broad messages, branding, and support campaigns.


However, if you are looking for an outdoor ad for your own brand or an agency then have a look at these different types of outdoor advertising methods before going for one.


Types of Outdoor Advertising

The biggest goal of any advertising company in Melbourne is to see their work posted around the streets of the country they work in. However, the most common ways to achieve that is through outdoor advertising. As you might know that an outdoor advertisement is a staple media as it reaches hundreds of thousands of people every day. This could reach to the public by foot, mass transit or car and is usually very quick and impactful.


The most common type of advertising includes:

  • l  Mobile billboards
  • Scooter advertising
  • Trailer advertising
  • Walking billboards
  • Point of sale displays
  • Billboard advertising
  • And Guerrilla advertising


Long ago, billboard advertising was the only way to boost your brand awareness. However, it was not possible to convey a complex message on a medium that people see only for a minute or a few seconds. It was later seen as a support for TV, direct mail, radio, and print media.

However, with the arrival of mobile technology and websites, outdoor advertising can now drive people to something instantly. From QR codes to simple web addresses or even apps such as Snapchats, outdoor can be a way to begin a conversation with your customer or prompt an outdoor campaign to go viral.


Further, there are some outdoor advertising that can become a focal point for an entire campaign, especially of it encompasses a stunt or drives interaction with users and their cell phones.


Tips for Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

You need to approach your outdoor strategy with careful planning and precision, in order to get the best bang for your money. Today, the world is ruled by smartphone and other portable devices. The attention of your potential consumers is drawn into a small screen in front of them and not the billboards and transit wraps. So, if you wish that your customers gain attention towards your brand then follow this:


  • Make Your Tactics Shareable

In order to gain attention, you need to ask these questions to yourself: what is so remarkable about the outdoor ideas, you want to do? Are they inventive? Do they contain any 3D parts that can interact? Do they make a statement or shock your customer? You should create an ad that can cause a stir enough that people will film it and share it on social media.


  • Spend Money on High-Traffic Sites

You may get little tempted to get more units at cheaper rates but its complete waste of money. The key to success is to get as many views on your outdoor campaign as possible. So, it is far better to do one site that will get a million views.


  • Less is More

Outdoor ads are looked for a second or two if you get lucky. So you do not want to saturate ad with lots of messages and calls to action. Try and keep it as simple as possible and let the words and stunning visuals grab the attention. Think about the outdoor advertisement as a conversation starter only.


Wrapping Up

So, if you are willing to get your brand viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every day then these different types of advertising will help you to boost your brand awareness and bring more business.

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