Discover Your Passion, Follow Your Dreams and Live Your Purpose

Let’s face it, we all have a path and a purpose to live for, right? As a matter of fact, whether we realize it or not, dreams, ambitions and passion are part of every single human being’s life. For some people, their dreams and passion are fulfilled within their career paths, while others it is through parenting, volunteer work, guidance and counselling, you name it. The truth is, regardless of where our passion lies, we all have a bright purpose and it is time you found yours.

Think about it; what is that one thing that you always think of doing or of being? Could that be your purpose in life? Do you have the passion to keep pushing until that dream becomes a reality? This post is meant to give every dreamer an opportunity to follow their dreams and pursue their happiness in life.

Here are 5 reasons why you should follow your dreams according to Jason Guck, one of the biggest believers in goals and dreams:

  • By following you dreams, you become an inspiration to others –A great majority of people have dreams but very few of them follow these dreams. Therefore, by deciding to follow your passion and dreams, you will be inspiring someone who would want to do the same but doesn’t have the courage to. There is nothing as fulfilling as serving as a good example to others. Having people who look up to you is a dream in itself. So, encourage them, teach them, inspire them and keep going until your dreams come true.
  • Following your dream gives you a purpose in life – Do you know that you are the reason why you stand up and try again every time you fall? You are the reason why you wake up in the morning trying to achieve what you did not achieve yesterday. Basically, without a dream and a purpose, you will have nothing to live for. In addition to that, without dreams, we all have nothing to look forward to.
  • By following your dreams, you will meet people who share the same interest as yours – When you are motivated and enthusiastic about pursuing your dreams, you will attract other people who share the same values and interests as yours. And as we all know, the more you interact with high achievers, the further you will go in life. The good part in all this is that when the journey seems too tough for you, you will have people around you to motivate and encourage you to keep going.
  • Following your dreams will give you happiness –If truth be told, life without dreams and passion is depressing. Luckily, there is something good about doing what we love and chasing after our dreams. So, search far and wide and find what it is that makes you happy. When you find it, start pursuing it because once you take that path, happiness begins to flow in your life and in the lives of those around you.
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Charlie Brown is a marketing manager greatly familiar with digital templates by He is a typical overachiever with a passion for getting the job done right and bringing his team’s visions into reality. 


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