Effectively Managing Customer Relationship over Twitter

It didn’t take long for businesses to figure out how they can leverage on social media to promote their brands, products and services. And while experts say that social networks are not really meant to make sales, these channels are quite effective in building rich and meaningful relationships with a brand’s stakeholders online. And as every social media company knows, strong customer relationship is an important conversion precursor.

Twitter is one of these social channels where relationships can effectively be forged between a business and its audience online. Proof to that is how the New York Fire Department was able to reach out to those who are in need of assistance amid the chaos of Hurricane Sandy. If a business wants to know how it is being perceived by the market or the public in general, a reputation management company can easily run a conversation audit in Twitter.

So, the question whether Twitter is a good tool for customer relationship management online or not is out of the picture. The more pertinent question a social media company faces is how to effectively manage these relationships? While a robust CRM tool that would encompass every social platform is already in the works, there are existing tools such as Commun.it to help businesses efficiently manage customer relationships in Twitter.

Segmenting People Based on Their Twitter Clout

The fact is, with thousands of users following you on Twitter or mentioning your brand, something has to give and things will fall through the crack. Unless of course if you hire a social media company who can dedicate tens of social media managers to manage your account.

The great thing about Twitter relationship dashboards is that you will be able to segment your Twitter community based on their clout in the said social space would make relationship management relatively easier. For instance, a reputation management company can zoom in on the influencers or those whom your followers regard as influential and key opinion leaders.

Get an Idea on Who to Follow and Not to Follow

One pitfall that a brand or even a seasoned social media company can commit on Twitter is thinking that they don’t have to follow their followers. Here’s a quick wake up call: Tweeting is actually conversing in 160 words or less so, not following your followers is missing on the other 50% of the conversation equation. This is especially important for a reputation management company wherein every negative word said on social networks is a seed of a crisis.

However, following all your followers is also impractical, not to mention unnecessary. The good thing about a Twitter relationship management tool is that it is able to flag you with of your followers you should definitely keep track of, those who you should consider following and those that you should not follow.

Engagement Monitoring and Lead Generation

Effective CRM is to some extent, building history with your audience. Through this tool, a social media company will be able to archive all conversations that you had with a specific user. Additionally, this system will allow you to generate a list of all keywords, terms and sites that are connected to your brand and cull Tweets efficiently.

Additionally, this tool can generate a list of all Twitter users who have used a particular term and from here you can grow your database and expand your community.

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