End Your Workday with the Right Apps to Keep You Relaxed and Entertained

For most of us, our workday ends when we finally clock out of the office and head home to our respective families and loved ones. But even when the day is over, the stress remains with us as we wind down and relax. The prospect of working again on the same tasks tomorrow could bring about more stress, and instead of relaxing at home, we’d end up more burned out and be less effective the next day. In order to truly take a break at the end of every workday, you can download and try the following apps a couple of minutes before clocking out, on your commute, or on your precious down time at home.


Yes, Spotify is currently the most popular streaming site or application today and that there’s really no merit including it in this list (since it’s already very popular). But what most people don’t know is that there are some nifty tips and tricks that you can do with Spotify to improve your listening experience. Lifehacker lists a handful of those tricks in this article, and that includes being able to archive the “Discover Weekly” playlists, add tracks to Spotify from Shazam on your iPhone or Android device, listen privately without telling the world what’ you’re listening to, and many more.

Knowing these tips and tricks takes you closer to being a Spotify power user, enabling you to enjoy more features of the app as you chill and relax after a long day at work.


If you’re a fan of podcasts, you’d know how much dead air adds to the length of the program. While this may add to the novelty of listening to independently created cast, it could also be bothersome especially if you don’t have much time to spare on your listening breaks. Overcast is a great app to use because it can intelligently speed up the podcast, shaving precious minutes of silence and leaving you with just the meat of the discussion. You don’t have to worry about the podcast’s quality, since the app uses their patented Smart Speed technology, which picks up extra speed without any distortion.


Most working adults today don’t have the luxury of time for reading books. Every information is delivered on their devices, so reading is usually kept at a minimum, to just a couple blocks of texts in the form of status updates on various social networking sites. However, it is still important to keep yourself updated, especially with the things related to your industry. To help you be more informed even with your fast-paced lifestyle, Blinkist will allow you to “read” and understand non-fiction books in 15 minutes or less. This app summarizes books, and you can read or listen to it in a matter of minutes. You get the gist, the insights, and how it can impact you, the reader. In a way, you’re thinning the information into bite-sized chunks, so that you still get the essential ideas without spending hours reading the whole thing.


One way to feel relaxed even under the immense pressure of your job is to play relaxing, productive sounds from peaceful environments. You can drown out the noise of keyboards,  the buzz from your office air conditioner, or the constant yammering of your colleague with relaxing tones from the forest, the coffee shop, and more. To get this, all you need is to install the Noisli app, and you can instantly play lyric-free, relaxing music or background noise to help you get more things done.

With the abovementioned apps list, you’re now one step closer to achieving a zen-like state even after a stressful day at the office. Aside from using these apps, you can also “declutter” your work by keeping things organized. One way to do so would be to properly schedule tasks, events and meetings, in just one application. Glip, for example, is perfect for streamlining task management and office communications, because you have everything you need for meetings, tasking and scheduling, in just one app.


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