Entrepreneur tips and strategies: beginners edition

The vast majority of people, sooner or later, think about creating their own business. Someone is tired of getting up every morning and headlong to run to work, someone is not satisfied with the remuneration for their work for the benefit of "someone else's uncle", someone just has a business idea for a long time, which he dreams of translating into a life.

However, not everyone dares to embark on this thorny path - the path of entrepreneurship. And not everyone, having started their own business, is able to achieve results and success in business.


Knowing and understanding the basics of starting a business will help a budding entrepreneur to start a business correctly, and will also be able to increase the chances of business success. Here are the highlights that can help a budding entrepreneur achieve business results.


A clear understanding of what an aspiring entrepreneur will do

To start any business, it is important to understand why this is being done and what exactly should turn out. The same applies to business. A novice entrepreneur should, at the stage of developing a business idea, clearly understand what he will do.


The best option here would be to formulate a clear and conscious answer to the question: "What will I do?" And the answer should not be simple: “I will sell something,” no, this is not an answer. The answer should be detailed: what to sell, to whom to sell, at what price, why it will be in demand. The answer to this question may take more than one day, but this time is necessary for a clear understanding of what the aspiring entrepreneur is going to do.

A clear understanding of what resources are required to start a business

Having made the decision to create their own business, a novice entrepreneur must understand what is necessary in order to launch the business he has conceived. Here he must not just decide on the required amount of money that he needs to start a business, he must understand well what else he needs.


Perhaps he will need additional knowledge and skills, the presence of acquaintances and connections, the availability of sufficient time, human and other resources.


A clear understanding of business financing issues

The key point here is naturally an understanding of how much money is needed in order to start a business, in what time frame it is needed, and also what sources of these funds the entrepreneur will use. 

A clear understanding of the profitability of the planned business

The most important point in any business is the issue of its profitability. For the sake of what it is worth starting any business, what will it give to a novice entrepreneur in addition to moral satisfaction? The beginning entrepreneur must understand the level of profitability of the business.


Of course, it is almost impossible to accurately calculate the profitability of the planned business, however, the approximate level of profitability can be obtained by calculation.


Business planning is essential from the beginning

A novice entrepreneur, in order to achieve results from a starting business, must plan not only its conduct and development but also its launch. Therefore, starting a business must be carried out in accordance with the developed business plan. A business plan is not just a piece of paper or a fashionable "bauble", it is an important document, according to which an entrepreneur will be able to competently organise all his work.


Moreover, answering the above questions, a novice entrepreneur will be able to document his thoughts in a business plan even at the stage of planning.

A good employee team and conditions for work

One of the most important parts of any business is its employees. All the people around an entrepreneur are almost as important to business as he is. Every entrepreneur must make an effort to find enthusiastic employees who will work with him to promote a new company.


Be sure to provide your employees with good working conditions and make sure you have good communication with each other. Use new technologies and an employee app to make it easier for you.


A clear understanding of your target audience

Most aspiring entrepreneurs, starting their first business, do not pay attention to the issue of studying the target audience. They rely only on luck and on the fact that having launched their business, customers will come to them themselves. However, before customers know about the business and about the offers, it will take a lot of effort, money and time in order to convey information to customers.


Knowing and understanding your target audience can save time and money for a budding entrepreneur trying to advertise his business. This issue is also covered in the business plan: in the Marketing plan section.



Every day we see how many people become entrepreneurs. They all want to work independently, they want to be their own bosses. Many people want to leave the "shackles" of their work and live a successful life.


Before you start this journey, be sure to listen to our advice. Work on yourself, improve yourself, and you will surely succeed. Good luck.

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Morgan Rose Elliott graduated marketing from The University of Sydney. Hobbies include yoga, reading, home renovation.  Rookie blogger who loves writing about business and lifestyle equally. She is happily married, stay at home mother of three.

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/MorganRoseElli1


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