Expand Your Business Globally Using the Internet

Thanks to the increased connectivity that the internet has brought us, doing business internationally is no longer limited to just big companies. SMEs now have the tools to be able to expand globally as they can take advantage of the internet to expand their business to international markets.

Here are four ways that the internet has made it easier for you to do business abroad.

International Video Calls

You can save money on travelling for international business meetings by taking advantage of video chat technologies, such as Skype. This is valuable to SMEs, who may not have the money to spend on international flights.

These video calling services allow you to hold conference calls and meetings with up to 250 people. Participants don’t even need to download the app to join the meeting – all they need is a working phoneline or internet connection.

Shipping Overseas

There are courier services available that can help you organise international deliveries, working to your deadlines and guaranteeing delivery at particular days and times. All of it can be organised online, which will take the stress out of shipping overseas. Courier services will often organise to collect your parcels from you and then arrange their delivery, as well as providing options for you to track its progress.

Keep your shipping expenses down by using online calculators to enter the dimensions and weight of your package to work out how much it will cost to send it abroad. This is perfect for SMEs who want to keep a close eye on their expenditure.

Transferring Money

Online banking has made transferring money abroad simpler and financial transfer services like CurrencyFair can help you send money all over the world, as well as offering deals on transfer fees to countries such as Australia.

If you have an office abroad, it can be financially beneficial to pay your overseas employees through these channels rather than through a bank and it can save you the hassle of juggling multiple currencies.

Using the Cloud

Cloud computing is making global business operations easier than ever. It provides you with a secure storage facility for sensitive information that can be accessed by your offices based all over the world. Having a shared cloud facilitates better collaboration, as well as consistency across your business.

It is also a good way to streamline your operations and reduce costs as important data is not kept on hard-drives that require constant maintenance.

Advances in technology have allowed greater communication between different countries and therefore an easier landscape for businesses to expand globally. SMEs can save time and money by taking advantage of what the internet has to offer for businesses who want to grow into international markets.


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