Finalist Q&A: Anonymous Ink

Anonymous Ink provides quality content to other businesses by providing opportunities for women (and an occasional man) who enjoy writing, and connecting writers with business owners who have needs for quality content to stay ahead of their competitors.

Idea Cafe: How did you come up with the idea for your business, and what were your influences and sources of motivation?

Caryn Murray: The idea actually came from knowing first hand how frustrating it is to be a writer, let alone a freelance writer. Sometimes you have great weeks, other weeks are dead (income wise) but all weeks require the same input of time and effort. So I don't know how many writers have wished for a more reliable source of income, but I am making every effort possible to become that source and to solve the problem of being a freelance writer.

What do you consider to be a unique feature of your business?

The unique feature of my business is that I offer the same personal "direct connections" as any single freelance writer would offer a client, but I also make available the same services as a full team of professional freelance writers. By having writers who specialize in sales copy, others who specialize in white paper, others who specialize in SEO (etc.) I can keep everyone happy (or, that is the goal.)

What are your thoughts on the future of small businesses in a slowing economy and their importance to the vitality of the local community?

My thoughts on small business have definitely evolved since I became a small business owner and became more aware of the obstacles. Put it this way, I don't shop at Walmart anymore. My personal beliefs actually don't factor this economy as "slowing", I personally believe the economy to be faulty, and the concept of money to be (how cliche) the root of all evil. This is a question I can't lie about, but I hope it does not discredit my professionalism to admit I choose to live for humanity, not profit.

Why should the Idea Cafe regulars vote for you?

Idea Cafe regulars should vote for me because they support the concept of providing reliable sources of income to freelancers.


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