Finalist Q&A: Attention to Detail Gifts

Attention To Detail Gifts takes gift giving to a whole new level. Attention To Detail Gifts provides over 400 gift baskets, vibrant flowers, and decadent chocolates to clients. They offer: * Same day shipping * The sender's personalized message * Package tracking * Reminder service * 24 hour gift advice * A post delivery confirmation call All Free Of Charge. They have been featured in a local paper and Oprah Winfrey has been the recipient of one of their gifts.

How did you come up with the idea for your business, and what, or who, is your main source of motivation?
I came up with the gift basket business idea after my mom was in an accident with a drunk driver as a way to help people with their relationships and raise money too. My main source of motivation is a never-ending drive to do something that matters in the lives of others, make life a bit easier and help people strengthen their relationships. When a customer writes and says things like ‘Since giving your gifts, my soon to be father-in-law reached out to me after years of rocky communication’, it so makes it all worthwhile.

What is a unique feature of your business?
Anyone can supply gifts or have a gift site, but what sets us apart is the passion we bring, our genuine caring for people, true attention to detail, and customer service which is second to none.

What are your thoughts on the connection between small business and the local community?
What comes to mind is that small businesses are an integral part of the local community. The more that small businesses are involved in the local community, the more they will benefit from the local growth.

Why should the Idea Cafe regulars vote for you?
First, I would like Idea Cafe regulars to vote for us because we care about the little things that matter to customers so much that we named the business Attention To Detail. We have such a passion for helping people make great impressions and assisting them in solving their gift giving needs. And even more importantly than that, I would like the regulars to know that we can stretch a dollar so very far. The business was founded on a $100 investment, so should we be the recipient of the 2009 Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant, just imagine the basket fulls (pun intended) of change that will be created with $1000!


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