Finalist Q&A: Superbus

Superbus is a full size school bus that has all the seats removed, and retro fitted into a gym for ages 2-7. Superbus "delivers" fun to area child care centers and schools in the Louisville KY area. Their obstacle course changes every week, with equipment such as cargo net, climbing board, monkey bars, mountain wall, zip line balance beam high/low bar, tumbling equipment, and more. The program teaches a non-competitive love for sports and fitness and helps children with their self confidence.

How did you come up with the idea for your business, and what, or who, is your main source of motivation?
I actually purchased my business as an existing business, it was located in our local newspaper.. I did not have any business experience and had to learn as I went along! One of the first web sites I ran across was which was very helpful. I was 23, with two children and could not find a well paying job because I was so young and did not have a lot of experience. I really wanted my children to have a good life and decided the only way for me to make the kind of money to have the life we wanted was to make it myself. At other jobs I always thought I had a better way to do things, or a new idea to make things run more efficient or a way to save money. As many of you know, most places are not interested in new ideas, so working for myself I have the freedom to do things the way I want, and I am responsible for my own income.

What is a unique feature of your business?
Superbus is a full size school bus that has all the seats removed and replaced with a thick gymnastics floor. Various equipment such as, balance beam, mountain wall, trampoline, monkey bars, slide, rings, tumbling equipment is set up inside as an obstacle course for the children to play on. We do different themes and music each week and each class is 30 minutes long. It is very popular with day care centers, the children and their parents! The best feature for the day care centers is they do not need any additional space to20provide gymnastics/ fitness classes, and they also have much needed break while the children attend class. The kids love Superbus because it is unique to any other program,and it is a different adventure each week, also because it is indoor and climate controlled it is available during hot and cold weather, and rainy weather as well. Parents love Superbus because their children get a great head start in life for physical fitness, coordination, team building, also it is great for them because we come to the center and the parents after working all day do not have to take their children to a gym class!

What are your thoughts on the connection between small business and the local community?
The connection between small business and community is that 90% of our local daycare owners are small business owners. They are very likely to give another small business owner, like myself, an opportunity to use my Superbus program at their center. The community is also been great about word of mouth for Superbus. I have had many day care owners call their colleagues to suggest my program, it has been a great connection for me.

Why should the Idea Cafe regulars vote for you?
Idea Cafe voters should vote for me because I have a great business that can only be built upon. I am also just like them, just wanting a better life for my family and not wanting to have to work for someone else. I have made lots of goofy mistakes because am not your typical "business person" - I wear sweat pants and tennis shoes to work everyday! Superbus is

on top because we care about our customers, and love what we do!


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