Full-Proof SEO Strategy Points for 2022

There is still a raging debate on how effective Search Engine Optimization is as a digital marketing strategy. While many online enterprises are inclining towards purely video content, it is critical to note that SEO incorporates more than just page ranking. It is a complete strategy that helps you understand what people want and the importance of quality content. 

First, there are some basic statistics that you should know before writing off SEO as a marketing technique:


Global search engine optimization stats indicate that backlinking as a strategy accounts for 90% of organic traffic to authority sites.

l  Direct website traffic, Bounce rate, Dwell time, and pages per session are the top ranking tools used by Google. 

l  80% of online retail purchases are a product of online research. 

l  70% of online marketers still rank SEO as the best resource for sales generation and lead conversion. 

l  Up to 40% of global consumers use the internet to shop and find services from local businesses in their area. 


In principle, SEO marketing is here to stay, and in practice, it still ranks as a top technique for companies to enhance brand awareness. Onto 2022, it is critical to know what works in SEO ranks and what doesn’t. We have compiled a shortlist of game-changing, age-old SEO strategies in 2022 that will guarantee top results. Let’s get to it.

4 SEO Strategies for 2022

Voice Search

The statistics behind voice search as a marketing technique are mind-blowing. Did you know that up to 80% of online consumers prefer using voice search as opposed to doing a manual search? Also, only 10% of online-savvy consumers are unfamiliar with voice activation. 


In 2021, the number of voice-enabled devices ranges from car stereos, tablets, desktop computers, smartphones, and even household appliances. The Internet of Things now enables users to control devices remotely with voice activation. Of all the emerging trends, voice search is the fastest-growing. 


Voice-enabled devices are now becoming the poster child for a world that is going hands-free and more people are warming into the idea of the added convenience that these devices bring. For a business to maintain a competitive edge, voice search is one of the primary strategies to buy into in 2022. This is because it allows your consumers to perform precise searches and get the content they want quicker. 


Mobile-Friendly SEO 

Mobile SEO stats are interesting. First, up to 81% of the world’s population owns smartphones. Did you also know that up to 60% of online traffic generates from mobile devices? This shows just how critical optimizing for mobile devices will be in 2022. You will also note that the most elaborate voice assistant technology is found on mobile devices. 


More people have access to smartphones, and optimizing your site with this in mind will give you an edge over your competition. Websites that invest in mobile-friendly SEO are also known to provide a better user experience which directly increases dwell time and reduces bounce rate. 


Ultimately, the idea behind SEO is to provide a convenient resource that users can benefit from. Optimizing your mobile SEO won’t just put you on the map, it will help you build brand reliability and foster consumer loyalty.

Quality Content

Of all the SEO strategies that have emerged over the years, only one has maintained its place at the top. Since 2015, content quality has been the most critical ranking factor for websites. Content marketing in this regard has rapidly become the most effective way to build trust with your consumers by offering quality resources consistently. 


The more you invest in quality rather than quantity, the better your chances are of increasing conversion rate.

Video Content

Lastly, there is no denying that video content marketing has been the highest-grossing strategy so far this year. With up to 90% of modern marketers shifting to video content, it is evident that this technique has the highest return on investment. You’re looking at up to 70% more leads and a 54% increase in brand awareness. 


If that isn’t impressive, consider that 80% of consumers admit to purchasing a product after watching a video on social media. Of all the techniques on this list, video marketing has the most impressive portfolio. In 2022, we estimate that over 80% of internet traffic will directly result from video streaming. 


So, if you want to stay ahead of the game, ensure you incorporate video marketing into your SEO strategy.

Bottom Line

The effectiveness of SEO depends heavily on your strategy. While many people have failed to increase sales over the years, Search Engine Optimization still ranks as the best technique for online marketers.


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