Generational Differences In Business Should Be Celebrated

Businesses change drastically over time and with that comes generational attitudes on how a business should be run. There are a lot of reasons why this happens and despite those reasons, it can create frustration and stall progress within a business. Rather than fight those differences, we take a look at them and want to celebrate them!

Information Is Readily Available

One of the biggest contributors to generational differences is how technology has altered how we obtain information. Prior to the internet, we had to get our information about a business in more resourceful ways. If we wanted to contact a corporate head office, we might call the business and ask for the information outright. Or we may have gone to the local tax office to gain information about a business. Now we live in an Information Age where everything is literally at our fingertips. Online tools like CorporateOfficeHQ make it easy to get an address or phone number so that we can spend less time researching and more time reaching out.

Buying Habits Evolve

Buying habits are shaped by the environment we live and experience in. Grandparents who struggled through depressions and recessions tend to make purchases differently than a younger generation who have yet to have that experience. Grandparents who saw a stronger dollar and could make ends meet easier and may spend quicker than younger generations who handle weaker dollars and know they have to budget differently. 

What we value is often far different with each generation as well. Older generations are used to working long hard hours and don’t consider the health consequences of those actions. Younger generations now know that working long and hard hours can translate into disastrous health issues and want to work smarter rather than harder. Neither is wrong and both ideas should be appreciated.

Automation Has Changed

Automation in business has been around for decades! Anything that can help a business run smoothly and accomplish plenty is the end goal, that never changes no matter the generation. We have seen how automation has evolved to a point in which many of us wonder when we should stop. Our current world functions so quickly, we simply wouldn’t be able to work without automation. Older generations may fear that they will no longer be needed and that everything is changing too fast. Younger generations are so accustomed to the change in the world that innovation excites them to a new level. Automation is not going to eliminate jobs, on the contrary, we are still going to need people to engage with, nurture relationships, and monitor those automated technologies to ensure that they will continue to function.

When considering the differences in ways that business should be run, hold respect for whom you are working with. The older generations come with a lot of wisdom, especially when it comes to ethical values and how to nurture relationships. Younger generations can take that and fuse it with our fast-paced technology. Using both opinions and ideas are a great way to find the balance and keep a business growing!

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