The grant winner votes so far

The poll for deciding the winner of the Idea Cafe Innovation and Originality Grant has been online for almost a month now, and we have received a significant number of votes. Below you can see the current distribution of votes. Trends are starting to appear, with one company pulling ahead as the strongest candidate for winning the grant, but there is time until January the 15th for the overall picture to change. See the preliminary results below.

The results show that WOMBeat! has received the largest percentage of votes. The poll is still into the hundreds range, so their lead is not impossible to overtake. WOMbeat! is an online source of recommendations for local businesses from people one knows and trusts, and we are obviously witnessing the ability of Word of Mouth (WOM) to mobilize an online audience.

You can still change the picture. Browse the list of competing small businesses, which we picked from a long list of candidates, and vote for winner of the Idea Cafe grant!




Good luck to everyone!

Good luck to everyone!

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