Grant winner's update: developing new products

Well, we made it through another Black Friday sale.  It was a busy week, but successful and very well worth it.  We increased sales and also took advantage of a few ourselves.  I hope you all received some great deals as well, but more importantly I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and loved ones.

We are now focusing intensely on developing our new products.  We have some new designs drawn up for our air cleaners that we want to debut at one of our largest trade shows in the industry coming up in February.  It is important to stay on top of the game in our industry by producing the latest and greatest products.  Sometimes it’s as simple as designing a new look for a current product, or as detailed as manufacturing a whole new product to help increase horsepower, or solve an issue customers are experiencing.  It takes creativity, patience, time, and dedication to make a new product work and prove why it’s better than before, or better than a competitor’s product.

We are currently researching a new addition to Horsepower Inc. that will make our intake manifold portion of our unit much better and easier to machine.  It will be able to almost copy an existing part and transfer the data right to our machining software, taking several man hours out of the new parts and product we will design.  We can take a part that has many different and complicated surfaces and angles that would have taken multiple days to design and will now take just a few hours.  This software will also let us diversify into other markets of the machining industry, and stream line the production of current parts that we manufacture here.  We feel that if we can make are parts more efficient that we will be able to put the man hours that were used before to better use like advertising and sales.

About the author

Laura Ray, the owner of Horsepower Inc., is the recipient of the 11th Small Business Grant. Her company, Horsepower Inc., specializes in the manufacturing of aftermarket throttle bodies and related products engineered to provide you more power and performance to complete your EFI build.


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