Great Management Tools Your Business Should be Using

As a manager, it can feel sometimes as though your job is not just to make sure a company moves forward efficiently but to keep abreast of the latest trends in your industry.

Through a combination of such factors as tech updates and the development of strong interpersonal skills, success can fortunately come more easily in a business environment. While the road can be difficult at times, the rewards to forward thinking can be high. Here are just a few ways to utilize management tools that can significantly help your business.

Positive Reinforcement for Employees

As human beings, we forget sometimes the degree to which we tend to be influenced by positive reinforcement. This is because hard work tends to create benefits in the long-term, which means that patience for weeks or months is necessary to bear the fruits of labor. When employees can fill that time between work and reward with positive reinforcement such as praise from their manager, their incentive will be doubled: Once, when they are told they are doing a good job, and a second time when their hard work pays off.

Data Feed Optimization

With data feed management services now being offered by companies such as Edgenet Inc., the web presence of companies can now be optimized in profoundly different ways than in the past. Such optimization allows clients a closer point of contact with companies and new information created by those companies.

Through data feed optimization, the latest information a corporation has to offer becomes available to clients and consumers immediately rather than over time. This is because clients do not have to wait for new information to make its way into the ranks of Google's page index: Data feed optimization makes new information from a company immediately appear in Google searches by clients and consumers, and offers a very 21st Century way of reaching out to important contacts at a minimum of advertising cost.

Networking the Old Fashioned Way

With high-technology becoming the basic common denominator of most businesses in 2014, it's easy to forget the old-fashioned interpersonal skills that so often lead many great companies to success. Try inviting clients for a lunch (remember to pay the tab) and find out what is on their mind and what their most basic concerns are. Perhaps you'll find that a service you offer helps them in a way you'd never thought about.

Your friendliness will establish bonds for years to come, and in an economy where contacts are key to successful corporate development, that will be one of the best arrows in your quill when it comes to building strong business networks.

Designing Apps

If you have a good IT team on board in your company, see if they can express a service your company offers through the prism of a mobile app. For a minimum investment, you might just be offering clients a major boost to efficiency.

For these reasons, pushing a company into the best technology this decade has to offer while inspiring employees and colleagues are just a few ways to achieve significant strides in business. With the right attitude and care and concern for one's company, the sky will be the limit in the next decade for those choosing this challenging path.

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Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru.


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