Great Tips for Modern Estate Agents on Selling Homes in 2017

It’s a new year, along with which comes great promise. Little wonder why professionals in different fields are mapping out strategy that can give them the best results in 2017. Being in real estate is tough business and, whether or not the housing forecast looks good in any given year, expectations are high: clients expect you to deliver and your profit and growth is determined by new listings.

As performance determines pay, real estate agents looking to make sales this year have to revamp their marketing strategy in order to hit their targets. Here are some helpful tips for selling homes in 2017.

  • Marketing Should Be Consistent

To undertake professional and consistent marketing for each listing, it is important to market each property the same. In other words, all properties should have the same attention, in spite of the fact that their prices vary and that they will appeal to different markets. This is because you will attract buyers based on the quality of your home marketing approach.

As such, utilize professional photographs in your advertising across social media platforms as well as on your website. Usually, photographs give buyers the first visual representation of the home which is to be sold, and this has an effect on your advertising and brand as an estate agent. Poorly taken photographs may turn people away.

In addition, engage in effective content marketing. Its 2017, and you can only rise above your competition by engaging your target market.

  • Take Full Advantage of Online Platforms

According to a real estate guru of the Remax Real Estate Team, ‘’In 2017, the internet is one place where any estate agent who is looking to sell homes should maintain a steady presence.’’

The importance of internet marketing and effective use of online and social media platforms cannot be overlooked. Make use of relevant visual content to entice potential buyers. Majority of potential home buyers will make use of the internet to search for what they are looking for. A steady online presence provides you with that opportunity to meet your target audience.

  • Limit Showings and Work Within a Time Frame

In order to boost your chances of making home sales within the shortest space of time this year, one tip is to limit property showings and create a deadline. If you decide on one open house for example, it may be packed with potential buyers who believe that the other buyers are interested in going for the house. The aim here, is to create a sense of urgency and competition.

  • Create a Sense of Connection with Your Buyer

It is easy to mechanically outline the features of the home on sale to your buyer. However, what may do the trick and land you that sale, is putting those house features in context so that your target buyer can relate and see reasons why he or she is the perfect buyer, when you speak directly to the person.

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