Grounds Maintenance Tips for Business Parks

Ensuring that your business park looks well cared for is essential for a number of reasons. From the safety of employees, to attracting new business to want to rent premises on your business park and making your business park look like an attractive place to work for potential employees, first impressions make a huge difference. Here are some top grounds maintenance tips to ensure that you make your first impression count:

Litter Picking

There are lots of things you can do to prevent unsightly litter on your business parks, the first one being ensuring that are an adequate number of bins around the business site and organising a regular date for them to be emptied. Cigarette bins also should be added to this list and placed around designated smoking shelters to prevent cigarette butts being left on the floor.

Gritting and Snow Clearance

In the winter months, its essential that you have adequate gritting and snow clearing services available at your business park. Not only is this important for the safety of your employees arriving at work and getting into the workplace safely it also protects your back as an employee should any of your employees slip or fall in icy conditions that you could have prevented. Grit bins and the appropriate equipment to clear snow should be on hand.

Grass Cutting

Cutting the grass and trimming the hedges is essential maintenance which improves the overall appearance of your business park and gives the impression that yours is well cared for. Using the services of a company like UK Landscapes means that your grass areas will look in tip top condition, providing an attractive environment for staff, potential customers, and clients alike.

Add Plants

A great way to improve the appearance of a business park is to add a few plants and hanging baskets to make it look more appealing and inject a little colour into the landscape. Ensuring these are well cared for and regularly watered is essential. On top of this, making sure there are no dangerous loose paving stones or broken fences is important to ensure the safety of those using your business park.

Not only does maintaining your business park provide a better environment for all who use it, it also promotes a better image of your business and helps to boost your reputation. By following these tips you’ll be able to impressive potential clients, other businesses, and employees all at once.


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