A Guide to Successfully Growing Your Construction Company

If you are already in the construction industry, you will no doubt be looking at ways to expand your operation. After all, it doesn’t matter what type of business you run — the ultimate goal is to maximize profits.

Thankfully, there has arguably never been a better time to grow your construction company. Statistics highlight that, in 2015, the construction sector in North America boasted a total spend of $1.9 trillion.

With that said — and despite the thriving nature of construction companies in the US — success isn’t guaranteed. If you want to grow your construction business, it is important you employ the best practices and remain a step ahead of the competition.

For advice on how to do just that, read on for a guide to growing your construction company:


Organize from Within

Before any expansion takes place, it’s imperative that all internal aspects of your company are in order. Take into account the following points:

  • Does your business produce repeat sales?
  • Does it receive any customer referrals?
  • What type of customer feedback is received, if any?
  • Have you been able to easily retain your employees?
  • Is the business stable financially?

If you answer all of those questions in a positive manner, this means your construction business is already geared up for the next step. If not, certain changes will need to be made.

For instance, if you are struggling to generate referrals or reviews from customers, you will need to investigate why this is the case. Could it be due to your business not supplying the best service possible? If so, an in-house cleanup might turn into a necessity.

Enhance the Ability of Your Employees

When scaling up a business, the importance of employees increases. Yet along with simply hiring new people to join your team, you should also take the time to improve your current staff if needed.

Thankfully, training any new or old staff members is virtually effortless. Say you need to build someone up to become an excavator. SB Skills Solutions is a specialist provider which features an excavator training course handled by experienced and fully accredited instructors. After completion, your staff member will quickly gain the skills to be an excavator. No fuss.


Gain Additional Funding

If a business is to grow, it needs one integral component: money.

With this in mind, you will need to attract investors and additional funding sources to support your expansion plans. As you will already have a proven track record with your current business, the door is already open for acquiring, say, a bank loan or angel investor. However, you still need the ability to demonstrate how you will effectively expand and increase profit levels.


Spread the Word

As a small construction company, you will likely have established a reputation in your local area. For an expansion, however, you need to spread out into new areas. This means a marketing plan should be put into action.

There are many different ways this can be done. You could apply your logo to the company’s truck; you could engage with customers on social media; or you could offer an incentive for customers to refer your business. The possibilities are endless.


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