Habits to Change in the New Year to Future-Proof Your Business

When you stop and think about it, does the New Year offer you chances to improve your business? Or, do you continue along with what you have been doing?

Sure, many successful business owners will stick to a pattern. That said even the successful ones know change must occur at times. Failure to do so can leave one behind and allow the competition to win.

So, what steps will you take when the New Year rolls around to future-proof your business?

Technology Plays a Key Role

It should not come as a surprise that technology continues to play a bigger role for companies as time goes by. As such, it should be having an sizable impact in your company’s efforts now and the future.

That said you can use technology to both push your business forward and try and protect it from dangers.

As an example, if you have a sales staff, do they have all the resources necessary to get their jobs done? If not, you could be leaving them and your company short.

For many, commission calculation software is a tool that continues to do good things for them.

Having such software allows you and your team to track sales within your company. As a result, there is no guessing on who did what and who gets compensation in selling your products or services. Now, could things be any easier than that?

Keep in mind that happy employees tend to work harder for their bosses. As such, your company stands to gain more. That is when you have workers who like doing their jobs and know they are being properly compensated.

Speaking of tech, you can and should also use it to help lessen odds of your brand suffering attacks.

Do you have anti-virus software and other tech features in place to decrease the odds of hacking?

One example where this takes on added importance is the retail sector.

According to a 2019 report from Shape Security, 80 to 90 percent of those logging into a retailer’s e-commerce site are hackers. They do this to utilize stolen data. Those figures are the highest for any sector that reviewed in the report.

Meantime, BusinessInsider.com reported that an alarming and increasing problem is supply-chain attacks. Such attacks are where a hacker gets into a company’s software setup. That software is then passed along to clients. They then become susceptible to online data theft.

The bottom line is making sure you have the right technology in place. That is both for tracking what your workers do when it comes to sales and lessening the chances of hacking.

Finally, make sure you are not only thinking about today but also tomorrow, the next day and so on.

Companies that tend to succeed have an eye on tomorrow and later down the road. This allows them to lower the chances of to be caught off-guard by changes that may be coming.

Don’t only stay up to speed on technology, but also trends with employee salaries, healthcare benefits, working in an office or telecommuting, family care for workers and more.

By being a prepared owner and knowing habits you may need to change, you have a better shot of being around for years.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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