Hack to Get First 1000 Mobile App Downloads

Building your own mobile app and submitting it to the app store is a nice feeling, isn’t it? From the time we publish our app, we excitedly wait for users to download our app; making it go viral. If you are also experiencing the same feeling, it’s time to turn towards the harsh reality that about two-thirds of mobile applications do not even get 1000 downloads, annually.

Surprised? Wish to prevent your app from getting a part of this category? Willing to get four-digit downloads to reap the benefits of your time, fund and efforts invested?

As a part of a mobile app development company, here I’m sharing some proven hacks that can get you downloads faster:

Check for App’s Quality

With a wide number of quality apps already existing in the app store, you cannot enjoy the limelight with a half-baked product. To rise above others, you need to ensure two basic things in your mobile application -

  1. The app should have something unique: There should be at least one feature in your application that could make it stand out from the crowd; on the basis of which you can boast about your app.
  2. The app should not have any weak spot: All the features and pages of the mobile app must work flawlessly. There should be no bug in the app - it must perform well and should be user-centric. For this, it is required to test your app in different conditions and on different devices. Perform both alpha and beta testing since alpha testing will let you find the basic performance errors and beta testing will help in understanding the target audience’s expectations and experience.

Consider ASO

ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing is also an effective tool for gaining a huge number of app downloads. When you choose the perfect app name, look for suitable keywords, add high-quality icon and screenshots, and take care of the guidelines mentioned by the app store. This will improve your app search and visibility which will eventually boost the downloads.

Invest in in-app referral program

You can also drive better downloads by providing leveraging offers to the existing users and prompting them to refer your app to others. You can also encourage them to share their experience on social media platforms and ask others to try the app.

Social media marketing

We often spend more on the development part, leaving lesser fund for the promotion of the app. In such a scenario, you can smartly promote your application using social media platforms.

All you have to do is to create your brand’s social media presence. Share screenshots, short-videos and sneak previews of your mobile application. Invite people to try the app and share their experience with their connections. You can also start your own blog describing the app’s features and functionalities.

It is better to begin with these activities before launching the app since the chances of getting instant app downloads increases when people are aware and excited about your app pre-launch.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings play a pivotal role in improving app visibility and organic downloads. As per the top mobile application development company, an app with 4-star or better ratings gets a higher rank than the others in the app category, while reviews affect the user’s decision. In general, almost every user reads at least one review before downloading the app. If the reviews are positive, they download the app. But, if found negative, they start looking for an alternative.

The best way to get more positive reviews and ratings is to ask the users for in-app ratings and reviews when they have used any of your services. Moreover, listening to the users’ queries and updating your app regularly is the best way to overcome the negative responses and enjoy customer loyalty.

Go Beyond Native app stores

Making your mobile app available on different platforms can also be a big step towards reaching a wider range of audience and gain higher downloads. Additional downloads obtained this way might not seem much, but can bring a tangible difference in your app discovery that can’t be overlooked even when your app is performing well on native app stores.

Getting higher downloads on your mobile application might seem tough, especially when you are new to this field and have a shoestring budget for app marketing. However, by religiously practicing the aforementioned tips, you can bring a significant amount of app downloads and reap the benefits.

About the author

Bhupinder Kour is the Technical Content Writer at Appinventiv Technologies who loves to pen down her understanding and knowledge in simplified and engaging manner. She is an early adopter, likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in the mobile industry and add value to the organization.


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