Health, Safety and Environmental Measures You Must Implement to Your Business

Running a business comes with many challenges and responsibilities. Not only do you have to take care of the business itself, but also think about your employees health and safety, alongside environmental issues. You never know whether some natural disaster will hit your office, or if some of your employees will steal from you. This is why you must try to minimize the risks to your business and implement certain health, safety and environmental measures.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Employees must be safe and secured at their job. Clean toilets, soaps, hand sanitizers, hand dryers or towels and fresh water are some of the necessities you must provide for your employees. Additionally, sufficient space, good lighting and a proper ventilation system are obligatory for employees so they would be productive and be able to work properly. Removing waste is another health requirement, so make sure you clean the offices regularly and keep good hygiene. Employees should also have a rest area available for them, once they need a couple of minutes to clear their head or have a cup of coffee.

When it comes to employees’ safety, it’s essential that you enable them to walk safely without coming across any obstacles, such as cables on the floor. Don’t let your workers stumble, fall and hurt themselves or someone else as well. Cables, loose floor tiles or other hazards should be removed even before you start hiring employees.

Providing your employees with a health and safety training is a great way for them to always be prepared to help themselves or their co-workers in need. Health and safety posters can also be helpful, so keep them in the office as well.

Environmental Safety

When running business, it’s crucial that you think about the environment as well. Many business owners don’t consider how much damage they’re inflicting on the planet with their toxic waste and damaging substances. This is why you must be environmentally conscious and take care of the planet as well. Make sure to suitably contain, treat properly and store safely any waste. The person who is in charge for disposing the waste must be legally permitted for the job. Additionally, remember that your business must not cause any nuisance through smells, smoke, dust, gases, or noises that can harm people’s health.

Stay Prepared for the Disaster

A fire, a flood, a hurricane or a tsunami are just some of the disasters that may affect your business. This is why you should always be prepared for the worst. While it’s not possible to prevent the natural disaster, it’s possible to minimize its consequences. Therefore, organize a fire drill. Even though you may never have an opportunity to face this disaster, it is a good idea to have a drill anyway. Furthermore, put an evacuation diagram on every wall in the hallway. Additionally, make sure you have an emergency evacuation plan completed. This should include all emergency plans, and drills covered, including those for the people with disabilities.

Make sure that you’re well stocked on fire extinguishers and first-aid kits. Position them at convenient places inside the building so that you can reach them immediately. Employees should know how to use them and where these are located. Additionally, introduce everyone with the safety manual that explains adequate procedures for performing any activities that could be hazardous. Always consult with your employees on dangerous situations. They could remind you of the potential disaster you have overlooked and forgot to include into the manual.

Securing the workplace is essential, so make sure you implement certain measures that will keep you and your employees hazard-free. Provide all the necessary health and safety measures as well, so that your employees could work carefree.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach. She is interested in topics related to marketing and advertising.


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