Helpful Tools for Doing Business Across Country Borders and Language Barriers

Doing business in another country is never easy, especially when a language barrier is involved. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can make your life a little bit easier. Here are five products you should consider for your global business.

Language Learning Applications

If you’re going to be working across country lines, then it makes sense to promote multilingualism among your workers. You can encourage your employees to download popular language learning apps and then give them time to practice. By hiring people with a base knowledge in another language and then encouraging them to hone their skills, you’ll increase your company’s ability to interact in international settings.

Identity Resolution Software

When working with clients and companies overseas, it can be difficult to identify names, organizations, and entities that don’t correspond with American norms. The spelling of names, places, and organizations may vary throughout your files, especially if the organization you’re working with uses a different writing system than you do.

Identity resolution software, like that offered by NetOwl, can help you match people and positions with their actual identities. Software often includes a variety of languages, including those that use different alphabets. Identity resolution can help prevent fraud, avoid money laundering, and manage data in international digital spaces.

Global Conference Call Services

Conference calls are an integral part of many businesses, but going global can complicate matters. When everyone has different country codes and types of cell phone plans, suddenly a standard business procedure becomes almost impossible. Luckily, there are free and easy services available that allow you to hold conference calls globally with a simple code.

Global Messaging Applications

Counting on standard calls and texts becomes impossible in an international business. Many people overseas hardly even use standard calling now that messaging apps like Whatsapp have become the global norm. Having everyone at your company download these applications is a great way to ensure ease of international communication. They typically work just like normal calling and texting, so your employees should have no problem getting used to them.

Email Timing Programs

When you’re working across time zones, you need to be cognizant of business hours in distant countries. Sending an email to a client at two in the morning their time isn’t the best or most polite business practice. Instead of staying up late yourself to wait for morning in a distant country, use a program  that can send your email at a pre-set time.

International business is becoming increasingly common as globalization takes hold. This trend has created a market for a spate of new products, which you can take advantage of as your own business goes global.


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