How Alternative Medicine and Other Wellness Trends Will Shape the Health and Fitness Industry in 2020

The health and fitness industry has been experiencing a tremendous rise over the past several years, leading up to this very moment when we can clearly see how 2020 will be transformed thanks to a wide range of technology solutions and innovative experiences. The market is already brimming with opportunities for eager entrepreneurs, since the timing is perfect for kick-starting your own health and fitness brand in the upcoming months. Thanks to the expected rise in marketing tech and a focus on experiential wellness, the opportunities will only increase.

From various innovative forms of yoga (have you tried goat yoga yet?) to old-but gold trends that stand the test of time such as acupuncture, alternative medicine paired with modern health and wellness solutions is going to reshape the health and fitness market in 2020. Here are a few trends on the horizon that you should keep an eye on and perhaps use them in your business pursuits, too.

Experience at the heart of marketing

When an industry runs out of fresh ideas, it tends to mix and match the existing ones until a unique and innovative blend appears. That would be the simplest way to describe the rise of experiential wellness, a trend that has already become so overwhelmingly popular, that it’s impossible not to see it take over the spotlight in 2020, too. To boost brand appeal, many health-oriented businesses are using this very notion to market their brand.

Brands are picking up on the trend by making sure their buyers are getting an all-encompassing, value-based experience in their stores. For example, the famous brand Lululemon has created its very first experiential store in Chicago, to provide its customers with an actual, physical manifestation of what the brand represents. That means in-store meditation sessions, workshops, and a built-in restaurant, to embody the brand’s values and take their customers on a journey. 

Market diversification with plants and herbs

The cannabis hype has peaked, ever since legal changes have enabled brands to sprout around every corner in many countries around the globe. However, as curious as cannabis has been, and will remain, there are other plants that alternative and complementary medicine businesses are starting to put a greater emphasis on, enabling further market diversification. For example, kratom is a plant from Southeast Asia that has been used to relieve pain and as a way to boost energy depending on the dosage, although its use is still differently regulated in various countries.

Due to the growing interest in this supplement, finding a reputable kratom shop has become easier for people who are curious about the plant’s effects, and as a result they can find different ways to introduce kratom into their lifestyle. As more research unveils the potential uses of the plant and more countries legalize it officially, more brands will likely add it to their offers and empower users to turn to Mother Nature when looking for ways to relieve pain.

Tech in the service of health and fitness

One of the key aspects of our lives that remains neglected is our quality of sleep, as well as our consistency in trying to get enough sleep every night – and the health and fitness market has found a way to make a difference. Tech experts have recognized the problem and offered a solution that will completely reshape the self-care and wellness industry in the months to come, empowering the end user to take the matter into their own hands. How? With simple, user-friendly, sleep-enhancing apps.

Some of them, such as Headspace have started out as meditation apps, although it contains immersive, sleep-inducing experiences that help your mind relax before bed. Bedtime stories for grownups have also become a huge trend in this industry, allowing you to unwind and focus on something positive before sleep. 

Focusing on emotional wellbeing

The innovative and competitive startup culture paired with fast-paced lifestyles of the modern human have led to a shift in perspective when it comes to defining the notion of wellness. In fact, while there’s still a great focus on exercise and nutrition to achieve overall health, health experts are now looking for ways to tackle the underlying issues and deeper consequences of our sedentary lives: our emotional wellness

As a result, a greater number of meditation centers, breathing exercise-based studios, and experts who craft different relaxation techniques are emerging. While exercise strives to give us more physical confidence and a healthier body, these mind-focused routines strive to help us cleanse negativity and focus on internal self-care, too. Brands are embracing this new angle in the industry precisely so that they can add versatile offers and attract a different demographic. 


Although some trends do come and go, the listed ideas seem to have a high level of perseverance in the ever-changing health and fitness industry. Whether you’re looking for a profitable opportunity, a market gap, or more knowledge of your target audience, look no further than these trends as your go-to solutions. 


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