How to Boost Productivity for Your Startup Business

Are you realizing now that running a successful startup is a more significant challenge than you ever expected? Setting up and running a startup is not easy by any standards. It is so much like a firefighting task that needs to be performed daily. Getting the funding, finding the right talent, keeping the team motivated, managing, monitoring them, taking care of their comfort, time management, and so on, the list seems to be never-ending. 

However, little did you know that all you need to do is bring about small changes that may increase your startup business's productivity and efficiency multiple times. When clients are few and the business tough, you cannot afford to have an unmotivated and unorganized team. Deadlines are to be met, miscommunication to be avoided, and you as the owner need to stay at the top at all times. 

These profound challenges can be addressed timely and in the right manner, but the issue is where to start? Which steps can you take to boost the overall productivity of your startup? Here we suggest three ways to consider that are well proven.  

Games in the workplace

Startups are challenging stress environments, and you need to give your employees ample opportunities that refresh and rejuvenates them. There can be no better than a 10 minutes break between those long hours of work. These game breaks bring your employees back to the desk with double the energy and motivation. These small breaks away from the screen and the long hours of business meetings has immense psychological benefits.

It sharpens the concentration and improves the cognitive ability of your team. Also, a young and diverse team working in the startup culture needs to build strong relationships and camaraderie to stay together and work towards a common goal with commitment.  

Moreover, it benefits in attracting and retaining new talent. Recruits find it a delightful way to get back to work with more energy, and it also reflects positively on your workforce culture aspect.

Then employee engagement is another reason why you, as a startup, should integrate games into the workplace. A recent Gallop poll revealed an approximate 63% increase in employee engagement when games are made part of the office environment and culture.

If wondering which all games to include in your workplace, you need not fret; there are many options available. Try games like office golf putting set, puzzles, crossword, sudoku, table tennis, and more. 

 Give your employees a refreshing way to recover from stress and take a break.

Office space that your team loves

Taking your team out for parties, offsites excursions twice a year, bonuses, and incentives are not enough if you cannot provide them with a comfortable and convenient working environment. Studies support the fact that an appropriate and ergonomic work environment positively affects employees' productivity.

A 2019 research by Forbes magazine confirmed that 25% of the workforce said that the environment they worked in has a negative effect on their level of productivity. It also concluded that a comfortable workplace environment means lesser health issues and a higher level of commitment towards work.

When planning for comfort and convenience for your team members, you need to go beyond an ergonomic chair and work table requirements. Several gadgets, furniture, and accessories available can promote health, contribute to productivity, and optimize the workspace.

Look around, and you can find office gadgets that increase motivation level and are beneficial from a health and safety point of view. Gadgets like monitor arm, standing desk, solar chargers, posture coach, multiple laptop windows, etc.

After all, a promising startup needs fare more than a useful HR policy document. 

Keeping track of your team

Contrary to the popular belief, productivity not only stems from motivation but also demands a considerable level of monitoring of your team members. It is especially true in a startup where most of the workforce is young and probably fresh out of college. It helps in guiding and supporting employees who often miss deadlines despite putting in long hours at work. 

The last thing that you want is a hostile work environment and inappropriate behaviour at work. Employee monitoring software and CCTV-based security systems help monitor and correct such behaviour right away and help prevent more significant issues to emerge. 

Keeping track of your young team and regular monitoring is more likely to make them deliver their best work. You can guide them at the right time when they commit mistakes as well. 

Beyond this, it also helps generate trust between supervisors and employees, as timely guidance and monitoring are available that instill confidence and avoid unnecessary disciplinary measures. 


By making these small changes, you can get more quality work done by your team in a shorter period of time by increasing your startup's efficiency and the performance of your team.


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