How to Boost Your Business Offline and Online Exposure in Time for Holidays?

The business world in general, especially retail, tends to be highly dependent on the holiday season. Why? Well, this is when people have time, money and the abundance of motivation to buy. Aside from the need to treat themselves, purchase gifts for loved ones and decorate their home, this is also the time of the year when they decide to go on a journey. This urges them to renew their wardrobe, as well as get some essential traveling tools and supplies.

The problem with this issue lies in the fact that this period is lucrative is something that’s known to the entire industry. With your competitors doubling down on their efforts, you can’t afford to do so, however, why work harder when you can work smarter? Here are a few tips on how to boost your business offline and online exposure in time for holidays.


1.  Get an endorsement

The main ally in a struggle to close a sale is trust and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You see, in order for your clients to feel comfortable spending money at your place, they have to trust you first and the simplest way to get there is to get an endorsement from someone they already trust. We’re talking about the influencer marketing. All you have to do is find a public figure, even if it’s only a local celebrity and have them to mention you publically. This alone will have far-reaching beneficial consequences for your brand. Most importantly, this will have an immediate effect, which is incredibly important, seeing as how the holiday season is just around the corner


2.    Adapt your blogging strategy to the season

Once the holidays arrive, nostalgia and euphoria take over, which affects the way in which people think. This also means that it affects the way in which people use social networks and the type of content they browse for. In order to achieve the desired effect, you need to adapt your blogging strategy to the season. Moreover, during this part of the year, people will have more time to browse your blog, which means that you’ll have to put out substantially more content. The best way to get there is with the help of guest blogging.


3. Traditional marketing

Another thing you need to consider is traditional marketing, such as newspaper ads, radio and TV commercials, and billboards. Just think about it, during the holiday season, people are nostalgic by nature and they have more time to devote to these mediums. During a regular season, an average person is constantly in a rush, which is why they only have the time to check out their phone or tablet in order to pick up the latest news. On a holiday, they’re bound to notice more during their walks, seeing as how they might not have the time to do so while commuting to work. This makes the idea to buy mesh banners and display them everywhere even more appealing.


4.    Boost your visuals

Depending on whether you’re running an offline or online business, there’s so much you can do in order to boost your visuals or at least make them in agreement with the season. For an offline business, this means boosting your curb appeal, which is more work but also more fun. As for the online business, you might want to enhance your website with some specific elements of seasonal decoration. Carved pumpkins and other Halloween decoration are ideal for October, while in December you need to think about presents, Christmas trees, mistletoe, candy sticks, and raindeers. This works on both of these fronts.


5.  Coupons

While it’s true that people are willing to spend more during the holiday season, they still might start looking for ways to save money. This is why coupons are particularly effective during this part of the year. For your e-store, you need to consider digital coupons, yet, pulling this off properly is no short of a feat. To get the maximum of efficiency, you need to prepare them in the pre-season stage, distribute them on social media and leverage them to encourage loyalty. Return customers are incredibly potent, so don’t assume that a person is going to visit your store once per season. Even if that were the case, this is by no means your last season in business.


6.  Keep the momentum

At the very end, we need to further discuss something that we’ve already hinted on in the previous section. Namely, if you play your cards right, you won’t return to the same state you were in after the season ends. For this to work, you need to use this increased attention, traffic and sales in order to invest in your brand. The key thing is that you need to think ahead of time and find a way to keep momentum, at least partially, even after the season is already over.

At the end of the day, boosting your business offline and online exposure is the best way to attract attention in the holiday season. The biggest problem, however, lies in the fact that you need to make a particularly appealing offer in a scenario where everyone on the market is trying to be attractive and unique. This too can turn into an opportunity, seeing as how succeeding will seem even more impressive and your inferior competition will turn into an important point of comparison.


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