How to Build Client Loyalty & Get Them to Be Lifetime Customers

Lifetime customers help your business thrive and help you offer everything they need. When you find quality lifetime customers, make sure you do the following things to keep them.

Offer Rewards for Customers

When customers receive rewards just for being customers, they’ll be happier to stay. They’ll always go with a company that offers them more things from other companies. You can outperform your competitors by offering a rewards program for all your customers so they can have a chance at a better future with your business.

Treat Customers Like Family

One great example of this is Moon Valley Plumbing. On their website, they talk about how they want to treat their clients as if they were family and not like a “one-time customer”. A one-time customer is someone who comes and goes. You’ll never see them again. If you expect that of all of your customers, then your customer service will probably start to slacken.

If you treat them like family, however, then you’ll be treating them like they’ll stick around. You’ll be conversational and go out of your way to have their back—just like you would with a brother or sister. If you treat your customers like family, they’ll be more likely to come back to your company over and over again. Being kind and making them feel welcome could lead to lifetime customers for your business.

Have Some Wiggle Room

Even if you know what you need to charge and you’re set on that price, have a little wiggle room. Giving customers as little as 10% off the price will make them feel like they’re getting a huge discount. Always consider how it’ll affect your bottom line, but think about building that wiggle room into the total price you charge before discounts. Customers love getting stuff for a bargain and will continue coming back to you as long as you provide them with a price they feel is a good one.

Give Great Service

Great customer service should be a given for any business but go above and beyond for every customer. Build relationships with your customers, try to remember what they wanted the last time they came to you and greet them by name if you know it. Always use your manners and ask them to come again when they’re leaving. Taking small extra steps will turn one time customers into lifetime customers. The only way to get lifetime customers is making customer service a hallmark of your business.

Getting lifelong customers is a huge accomplishment for any business. If you know what you’re doing and you focus on all the ways you can truly help your customers out, you’ll get to that point quickly. Keep in mind that you need to make sure you’re doing things right to get these customers, though.


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