How Can Businesses Benefit from SMS Business Text Messaging?

It goes without saying that any business that wishes to last for any length of time needs to have an efficient communication system set in place. No matter the type of business, without good internal and external communication there is little chance of success.


In recent decades, there have been several communication methods that most businesses relied on, namely phone and email. Recently, however, business text messaging software is becoming more and more popular as a form of communication.

Let’s explore more about how exactly businesses can benefit from SMS business text messaging.


Why Is Texting Good for Communication?

Like many other forms of communication, texting comes with many notable benefits that sets it apart.


Here are a few major benefits of texting.


Cheap, Quick, Effective

Text messaging is a very cheap method of communication. Messages tend to be formed and sent to their recipient very quickly. Due to modern texting applications, recipients are very likely to see the message, making texting an efficient way to transmit information in a concise manner.


Allows Time to Respond

Like email, texting allows recipients to respond in their own time. What this means is that there is less pressure during communication, especially useful for customers who may not be able to reply immediately.


Dominant Form of Communication

According to a Gallup poll, texting is the dominant form of communication for Americans under age 50. SMS texting has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another, allowing us to be in touch with one another when we otherwise wouldn’t be.


Benefits of Business Texting Services

There are many business owners who are cautious about incorporating business text messaging software into their company. However, there are specific benefits of texting that apply to businesses that make SMS business text messaging worth considering.


Consumers Want It

One of the primary reasons a business should consider text messaging for communication is that there is a large demand among consumers for such a service.


90% of consumers would prefer to communicate with a business via any form of messaging, with half of consumers wanting to use SMS texting in particular.


More Likely to Be Read

When using text messaging, there is a much higher likelihood of your message being seen. SMS text messaging has a 98% open rate. This is a much higher open rate than email and could be partly due to how text messaging apps notify users when they receive a message.


Extremely Efficient Communication

Text messaging can be extremely beneficial for certain forms of communication, and in some cases, it can be the most efficient.


For example, if a business is primarily using phones for communication, only one call per person can be answered at a time. This can lead to longer wait times, especially with customer service. SMS texting allows for multiple conversations to be carried on simultaneously, which cuts down the wait and can allow for better interactions overall.


However, there are cases where business may opt for other forms of communication such as if a large amount of information needs to be transmitted or if they are dealing with private or otherwise sensitive information.


Marketing Uses for Text Messaging

Text messaging not only has uses for two-way interactions, but it also has shown to be useful for marketing as well, especially if you want to convey exciting news or offers to consumers.


Consumers tend to already be primed for marketing communication via text, as federal law mandates that they must first sign up for business text messaging. This means that they may be more receptive than normal.


Several marketing uses include:


Bite-Sized Promotions

SMS messaging can be a great way to clue your consumer base into promotions you may be running. Just a short message can be all that’s needed to see results in this regard.


Exclusive Offers

Additionally, a great way to interact with your consumers who have signed up for SMS messaging is to offer exclusive deals for those who have done so. Not only does this hold the possibility of bringing in more business but it also can entice more people to opt-in to your messages.


Event Notifications

Text messages can be a great way to inform your consumer base of an upcoming event. Whether you are releasing a new product, hosting a customer appreciation day, or some other kind of similarly planned event, text messaging will allow your consumers to stay updated.


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