How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience (Infographic)

Every business has a story to tell and it’s essential to embed these values in every area of your operations. From business cards through to the language you use in greetings and email, when you thoughtfully incorporate this specific information you’re taking customers on a journey of who you are and what you offer. With the advent of digital sharing, reviewing the visual aspects of your brand and how this translates to your customer’s experience needs urgent attention in every industry. In line with this, consumer trends show that there’s one specific area that continually garners clicks and interest: unboxing.


As a trend, ‘unboxing’ has exploded over the last five years with an average of 90,000 YouTube searches every month for this type of video. As YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, it’s safe to say that this is not just a social media trend and moreover, this is about customers looking beyond the value exchange of money for goods. In fact, McKinsey research has observed this phenomena to be an integral part of effective brand building as it builds a brand, brick by brick, with a subsequent impact on revenue targets. Their data shows that design and advertising in all forms, inclusive of packaging results in, “32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher TRS growth for the period as a whole.”


To help businesses devise and implement a strategy for updating their packaging and unboxing 2 Flow shared this infographic for ‘How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience’. The graphic is designed to be a thorough tool for getting started in this area with statistics, practical tips, and insights that can be adapted to a range of different businesses no matter your industry. It’s always worthwhile reviewing your processes and exploring options for connecting with customers in more dynamic, thoughtful and compelling ways. Plus, whether it’s a new or returning customer, they’ll definitely notice the attention-to-detail even if it’s small elements like custom packaging and a handwritten note.


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