How To Create The Perfect SEO E-Commerce Website

Creating a perfect search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your ecommerce website is essential. The online competition is fierce. You need your customers to find you online and ranking above your competitors.

Did you know that global ecommerce sales were estimated at $2.29 trillion in 2017? This number is expected to rise over a trillion dollars more by 2020.

Having a powerful SEO strategy for ecommerce increases your online visibility and puts your products in front of more potential customers. It may seem challenging, but with a bit of know-how, you can implement a number of simple changes for ecommerce growth and success.

Here are few easy SEO changes you can make to create a conversion-minded ecommerce website.

Structure Your Ecommerce Website

One of the most important SEO tactics for successful ecommerce websites is organization. How you structure your site is essential to delivering the best user experience with sales-minded navigation.

Create landing pages by brand, product types, models, color, price, and more . . .



Amazon, the number one ecommerce site in the world does this, and so should you to maximize online visibility and sales.

Always Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on any website is a no-no and Google will decrease your ranking accordingly. However, creating duplicate content is very easy to do when it comes to ecommerce websites, especially those with large product lists.

To improve your rankings in SERPs, try to eliminate all duplicate content from your website. This may be time consuming, but the pay off will be worth it. How do you find duplicate content?

One easy way is to use Moz to find crawl issues that are damaging your ranking . . .



You can rewrite page content so it is unique, and also utilize the rel="canonical" tag to help avoid duplicate content issues as well.

Create Unique Product Descriptions

Developing your product database can be very time consuming. Many ecommerce website owners will copy and paste manufacturer product descriptions to save time. But for a powerful SEO presence it is vital to create unique product descriptions.

A few product description tips include, always use your best keywords in your first 100 words, use bullet points to list key features, and note size, color, warranties, and more.


By writing unique product descriptions you can avoid duplicate content issues and use more valuable keywords that allow your page to rank above your competitors.

Have Unique SEO Title Tag Descriptions

If your ecommerce website sells similar items it can be very challenging to create unique title tags for each product. But not impossible, and this SEO tactic will help your products rank higher by allowing search engines to understand your product page better and fulfill searchers intent.

Rule of thumb for ecommerce SEO titles include the following . . .

Brand + Model + Item Type + Material + Color + Size

For example, ecommerce jewelry site Brilliance has a number of similar products, but they try to keep it unique . . .



Optimize Your Product Images

Images are very valuable assets for ecommerce sites and optimizing them will improve your rankings and online visibility in a big way. In fact, some people will make a purchase decision based on image alone. This makes getting your image in front of online consumers vital.

To optimize product images you will place your products main keywords in the image Alt Text when adding an image to your product page.



You first want to label your image file before uploading it to your site:


Next, after you upload it to your ecommerce product page, you will add it to the Alt Text box like:

Keyword Keyword Keyword

The key is to have your Alt Text be just as you would write it to a friend without the hyphens.

Leverage Product Reviews

Competition is on the rise for ecommerce websites and consumers have a lot more product choices online. This allows them to be more savvy consumers by reading ratings and reviews of products prior to purchase.

In fact, 70 percent of consumers will turn to reviews before buying anything.

One SEO tactic that can ensure people choose your products over competitors is to add ratings and reviews to your product pages. Your ratings and reviews will be easy to find and will serve as your confidence builders and lead to more conversions.

It’s Your Turn for SEO Ecommerce Success . . .

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool to for all site owners, but especially useful for ecommerce websites. With so many product pages and content on one domain, you want to be sure every page counts and is optimized for maximum sales success. What SEO tactic will you use for ecommerce success?


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