How to Cultivate a Loyal Workforce

A loyal workforce is one of the most valuable things a company can offer. Today, many of the standard admin jobs are automated, meaning when you hire an employee you don’t hire them to do a job but to solve problems. This kind of employee cannot be replaced easily or cheaply, which is why working hard to promote a healthy working environment is key to your company’s success.

Improve the Quality of Your Workplace

A beautiful working environment is going to boost morale and the mental wellbeing of every single one of your employees. Start first with ensuring that it is brightly lit with natural light. Do this by repainting the walls, using mirrors, and buying lamps installed with a white LED light.


The second step you must do is improve the break room. Make it comfortable however you can but prioritize functionality. Your employees should be able to prepare healthy meals from home.


Ask for Suggestions and Complaints

Employees have yearly reviews and so too should you. Give your employees the ability to anonymously make suggestions or complain about anything in the workplace. A one-off complaint isn’t something to worry too much about (you cannot please everyone) but if there is a pattern then you know you have something to improve.


Make it Easy for Managers to Report on Progress

Invest in the right HR software and tools so that managers can easily report on the progress of their employees. This way when it comes time to promote or hire a new employee, you can easily see if anyone working for you is qualified. You can also keep track of progress when the issue of a raise comes up.


Focus on Recognition and Reward

So many employees just want to hear a “thank you” for their hard work. Go one step further and offer recognition and rewards for exemplary work. When managers keep track of progress and the accomplishments of employees, you can easily take note of who you need to show appreciation to.


Offer Support If an Employee is Hurt or Sick

Unless you were willfully negligent, this is not a fault on you. Instead your employee will file for worker’s compensation that you legally need to have, and will also need to file for Social Security Disability insurance if they cannot work at all again. Help them by guiding them through the process of worker’s compensation, SSDI, and SSI to ensure that your former employee is cared for even if they are unable to work at your business any longer due to their injuries.


This also applies if your employee or a loved one of theirs is sick. Create a straight-forward and fair compassionate leave system. Be open to any insurance options or other methods you can use to reduce the cost on you and still help your employee get better or nurse their loved one. Alternatively, you can work out a work-at-home solution that allows your employee to care for their loved one if, for example, they are sick in hospital.


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