How to Develop a Powerful Sales Mindset for Your New Employees

The future of entrepreneurship relies on a robust sales mindset coming from your leadership and sales team. Therefore, it is just right to maximize this point as much as possible.


If you happen to be in a leadership position and want to incorporate a strong sales mindset into your incoming sales team, below are some points:


Know your people well

Separating your employee’s personal life from their work-life is so underrated. You have to dig deeper as a leader. You have to know their big WHY.


Why did they join the company? Why did they choose sales over other fields? Why is there a need to work hard and earn more? This kind of purpose is what sets your employees apart from one another.


No matter how often you remind your team to separate their personal lives from work, sometimes it just won’t happen. One affects the other. And that is why it is essential to have a cohesive relationship between the two. The more time you invest in your people, the more positive results you will get in return.


Identify your sales goals

They say people who fail to plan are already planning to fail.


As a team, you have to sit down and understand your sales goals because they will dictate your strategy and techniques along the way.


Remember that goals must be smart, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T).


Goals open the door for some constructive feedback after a month, for example, and in the long run too. It is easier to measure results when you have a sales strategy in place. It also lets people get in control of the situation.


Most importantly, having a goal in place motivates the right people in the job.


Streamline your process

Streamlining your sales process does not mean you have to follow a hard and fast rule. You have to be ready to discuss this through with your team. Prepare them for minimal changes as you navigate which approach would work best for your set goals.


The first step, though, is to be honest, and committed with what your priorities are. And then cut down the rest. A more specific and streamlined process will serve as the edge that sets you apart from other sales companies.


These types of companies attract suitable applicants, especially when partnered up with a matching HR software.


Along the way, you may realize that setting small goals work better for your team. Consider using these achievements as a stepping stone to get a more significant breakthrough. As long as you have an end in mind, you can be flexible with the means.


Another thing to take into consideration is proper documentation. So you have something tangible, and the result is easier to evaluate.


Measure your progress

Every decision you make in sales has to have proper and organized data for backup. It is challenging to plan if you do not have something tangible that you can compare results. Therefore, incorporating salesforce metrics is another strategy you have to discuss with your new employees.


Measuring progress, no matter how big or small drives growth. It lets you see things that are working and those that are not in a more detailed view. And this will even more streamline your process flow better and more functional.


Show your appreciation

Regardless of whether there is only one box ticked from your long list of goals, showing appreciation is just as important. After everyone did the hard job, a simple pat on the shoulder or motivational words will go a long way.


It is vital to keep your employees feeling valued because they will learn to love the job in return. Eventually, taking care of the clients will seem natural for them, and then; as a result, they will be your number one asset who will win you the job.


Do not be scared to create an open-door policy between you and your sales team. Having a good relationship starts with an open and non-bias conversation. With this practice, you make your employees feel that they matter and that they are your partner in the business and not just mere subordinates.


You may provide awards too, which could be in the form of certificates or monetary bonuses.


Provide positive feedback

Studies have shown that employees appreciate timely and constructive feedback from their employers. Gone are the days that employees fear criticism. If the majority of your sales team is composed of millennials, then timely feedback is indeed highly-regarded.


Positive feedback not only ignites confidence but also instills a great sense of job satisfaction.


Have fun

Lastly, do not forget to have fun. The corporate world can get stressful already, so you should also allot time to let loose and enjoy the fruits of your team’s labor.


This tip does not only go for your employees but you as well. Do not forget that you have been with them, from setting up goals to aligning the sales team’s process to giving out feedback. So it is about right to join in the celebration too.


A happy environment and work relationship radiate a favorable atmosphere that attracts the right clients to work with.


Remember that a competent salesperson does not just come out of nowhere. They have to be trained and coached correctly. However, with the right amount of guidance and patience, your new sales team will be rocking the sales world in no time.


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