How Digital Marketing Has Won Over Traditional Marketing Model

Due to the increase in the trend of the Internet of Things, every field has shifted from a manual working model to a digital model. To make things simpler, the introduction of Smartphones has not only made life easier but the model of how marketing was being done from decades changed in a couple of years. People shifted from the traditional marketing model to the digital marketing model without thinking twice as any smart entrepreneur understood that this is the future of marketing. In today's world, even small businesses have a digital marketing strategy in place owing to its flexibility and tonnes of benefits which we have discussed below;

1. Cost-Effective Way of Marketing:

Digital marketing can also be called targeted marketing as you can plan ahead how much you wish to spend and the audience you want your campaign to reach which is not possible in traditional marketing techniques


2. Allows Consumers to Easily Reach You:

Digital marketing makes it possible for the customers to directly look at your products and services and buy from you within seconds using their smartphones from the comfort of their house. It also makes it possible for consumers to chat with you online if they have any queries about your services.


3. Campaigns Progress can be Tracked in Real-Time:

The best feature of digital marketing which tradition marketing could never offer is real-time tracking. It is possible to analyse the behaviour of your audience by tracking analytics through web analytics software and this data will help in improving your future campaigns. The data provided is highly detailed and a lot of parameters can be measured, and this feature of digital marketing is the main reason why most businesses are shifting from a traditional advertising model to digital.


4. Creating a Brand Story is Simpler:

Digital media helps all brands be it small or big to be able to create their own stories using videos, images, testimonials, etc. which resonates with the customers. Brand stories have become popular nowadays because consumers are not just interested in the product you are selling but they also want to know who is selling it and why hence digital media has made it possible for consumers to easily view a brand's story.


5. Provision of Multiple Digital Platforms

There are multiple digital platforms available in the market nowadays and the number seems to be growing but the interesting fact is that you will find your target audience may be using only certain platforms more and you need to identify that to market there. For example, to focus on the age group of 25-65, you can market on Facebook but if your target audience is Millennials, then you will find them on Instagram and Snapchat. Using analytics will help you figure out which channel is bringing in maximum conversions so that you can increase your marketing efforts on that social media channel.



The ability to target the right audience for a fixed time period at a fixed cost is what attracts most marketers towards digital marketing, further the ease in which campaigns can be set up and analytics can be tracked in real-time has made this marketing model unbeatable.

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Nijam Seth is a full time blogger and a part time foodie. He likes to share technological trends on web developments and also has published his bylines on major platforms.


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