How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Business

A competitive edge is an advantage that you enjoy over your competition. This could be an edge in marketing or any other department. Only those businesses survive that have the edge over the others. So, how do you gain this competitive advantage? If you are just launching your start-up, or feel like your business is having a lull, then this article is just for you.


Many organizations consult their advisers on identifying their strengths and weaknesses. If you are unsure about your skills, speak to experts; the professionals at INC Systems will give you the correct advice.

Sales Process

Many experts consider sales as the most important arm of any business. It is the salesman who brings revenues to the company. You can become the best sales organization in the world by improving your sales processes all the time. Keep an eye on the ground by speaking to our customers and the salesmen.

Customer Care

Your sales cycle does not stop after a customer has purchased your product. Great companies are always talking to their buyers throughout their lifetimes. You can keep the conversation going through your customer care department. Find out whether your customer is happy with their product. Don't just contact them when you want them to buy your new product.

Cost advantage

Many companies focus on their costs to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. The former is trying figuring out ways and means to make their products cheaper all the time, and constantly reviewing all of their processes. When the input costs are low, you can make bigger profits.


You can be a world-beater in the quality department as well. Many Japanese companies have become world leaders purely based on their product quality alone. Today, Japan is synonymous with quality.


Sell your products where no one else goes. This is where the distribution strength comes in. Make your product available everywhere so that your market share goes up exponentially.

Target Market

There are very few brands that are overly focused on their target markets. These companies are all the time tracking their ideal customer and devising new strategies to reach them. You can become a world leader by laser-focusing on your customer.

Human Resource

Unless you have the right team, how will you achieve one or all of the objectives listed above? Hire and retain the best people in your organization. The best marketing companies train their sales and marketing staff regularly.


Even if you lack in the above areas, you can still make up by focusing on your technical competence. Get the best machines and engineers in your company and watch it grow. Many companies like Toyota deploy the best manufacturing technologies to make cars.

Branding excellence

This factor is closely related to target market. If you know your markets very well, you can make clutter-free ads, expand your brand awareness, and generate new customers regularly, as well as retaining your return customers.


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