How to gather ideas about blog topics that are conducive to the audience and improves SEO

Content is king in SEO – this you must have heard so many times that hearing it again would not only sound cliché. However, the phrase is so important that one cannot help repeating it.  Creating quality content to maintain a steady pipeline of contents is quite challenging. Marketers are experts in marketing but know little about SEO. While optimization websites are important, nothing can surpass the importance of content in online marketing. You have to create compelling content and optimize it so that visitors stay engaged on the website for a long period. A higher level of engagement is a sign of building a relationship with the audience that forms the foundation of an effective marketing campaign. Therefore, developing a sound content strategy is the most impacting aspect of SEO.

 For creating a content strategy, you must first know the kind of content you must create and the topics that would appeal to the target audience. You must know how to read the minds of the audience to determine what they like and feel interested in pursuing. The most crucial aspect of content development is to serve the audience with the most appropriate content that can encourage them to take some positive action.  Only when the audience acts positively, it creates leads and results in conversions. Moreover, the ideal content would attract prospective buyers who ultimately turn into customers. Therefore, knowing what content to develop is the fundamental requirement for developing a content strategy.

Keywords provide the guidance in the content creation

In addition to meeting the expectations of the audience, the content has to serve the purpose of SEO, too. To create a balance between the choice of the audience and SEO betterment, the SEO experts in Barcelona advise its clients to focus on keywords that are relevant to the audience. To understand which keywords are relevant, you have to step into the shoes of the audience to gauge the questions that arise in their minds. After knowing the probable questions, you have to figure out how the products or services that you offer could help to provide answers to those questions. This would help to determine the keywords that the audience uses to search online when seeking solutions to the problems that they face.

Hitting two birds with one stone

 When you can decide on creating content that can win over the audience by providing answers to their questions, you are hitting two birds with one stone.  You are laying the foundation of a strong content strategy as well as an equally strong SEO strategy. Google in its endeavor to serve users with the most appropriate results is paying more attention to the searchers’ intent. When you create content with revealing headlines that directly address the problems of the audience, you should be able to take advantage of the long search strings that underline users intent as the Google algorithm supports your initiative.

After creating a solid content strategy, it is time to create SEO friendly content by choosing topics that could move the audience. How you could generate ideas for blog topics and create compelling and attractive content for the audience with the help of some tools and resources will become clear on reading this article.

Focus on the interaction with customers

The sales personnel and the customer service team interact most closely with customers. They know best what customers are thinking and what questions that might ask. Tap the resource to get an idea about frequently asked questions that could provide leads to the content to develop. Some organizations have live chat facilities for customer support and can use the data derived from the chats to mine the questions that crowd the minds of customers. By unearthing the questions and concerns of customers after hearing it from them directly, you could get access to a huge repository of keywords and search strings that provide cues for content topics that help in developing content.

Use the Google tools for ideas about content

The better you know Google and its ways, easier it would become to fathom what the audience likes and what type of content you should develop. There are many Google tools available that you must leverage to harvest precise information about customer search queries.  For identifying high-volume keywords, use Google Trends. Use Google Suggest to know what Google has to say about the type of keywords you have in mind.  For knowing related questions refer to People Also Ask that appears below the featured snippet in SERP. Google Related Searches that you find at the bottom of SERP is a goldmine for content related ideas.

Use keyword tools

Several online tools are available that you can use to gather ideas about keywords as well as content topics. Google Keyword Planner is a widely used tool that you can access via your Google Adwords account to get a list of keywords along with corresponding search volumes.  Some other tools are available that list topic people are searching for across the search engines and not Google alone. Some tools can provide a visual account of the questions that people keep asking about some topics. All tools are excellent for gathering insight into the search activities going on across the web. Looking at forum sites like Quora would provide access to more questions that people are asking about some topics.

Long tail keywords are more effective

 Long tail keywords are highly effective in improving click-through rates and bettering conversions because it contains the answer to questions that customers ask during their purchasing journey.  Specific keywords may prove counter-productive as it narrows the search horizon and creating blogs on it are of no use. Instead, focusing on long tail keywords increase the scope of introducing more ideas on any specific topic and it enhances the quality of content.  You can answer specific questions through the content that increases its attraction and worth.

Once you know where to look for to gather ideas for blog topics that improve SEO, content creation becomes much easy.

About the author

Michelle Waltz is the Head of an SEO company in Barcelona and has been associated with the industry for more than a decade. She has also written two books on SEO marketing.  She looks after the marketing operations of the company and takes interest to develop new markets. Michelle is also very fond of cooking and spending time with her family during weekends is a big attraction for her.


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