How to Give Your Clients a Better Business Experience

When working in the world of business, it is easy to have the same old meetings week after week that become quite repetitive and possibly a little bit boring for all involved, whether that’s your clients, business colleagues, or even yourself. This is something no one wants to have to go through.

However, there are many ways for you to avoid this and give your colleagues and clientele a business meeting they are sure to never forget and this time it will be for all the right reasons.

Hire a Business Venue

Many businesses make the same mistake in believing that all their meetings need to be held within their office space. This could not be further from the truth. Of course, this may apply to your more general, weekly meetings that possibly only last an hour or two at most. However, if you are going to be holding a meeting that is not only going to be attended by just you and your colleagues but also various clients, potential clients, stakeholders, business partners, and those who are looking to get involved in your business in some way, this is your time to give them a meeting experience that they will never want to forget and that will encourage them to either remain or get on board with your ideas.

Many places all over the world offer their services as a business event venue, and these places are where you can hold your meetings and invite a vast amount of people to this venue, to see what you have to offer. These types of meetings will feel more like an event than anything else that can involve food, drinks, and most importantly, a large private space for everyone to gather in. No matter the reason behind the meeting, or who’s going to be there, hiring out a business venue is one of the best moves you can make regarding your business and people’s opinions of it.

Play Music

If you are hiring out a business venue for this meeting/event, you will more than likely require a variety of items on offer to entertain your guests. One of the best ways for you to do this is to have music. You can have music upon arrival, in-between any speeches that may happen, and during or after dinner, if this event is an evening-long event.

Whilst you may not see music or any form of entertainment to be important to an event like this, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Music helps to set the mood of the evening and can also help to keep your guests feeling upbeat. For example, if you have a seating plan and some people are sitting together who do not know one another, a song might come on that they all know that they can talk about and maybe even dance along to. So, not only does playing music help fill any possible awkward silences, but it can also help build networking opportunities for everyone within the room and that can benefit you greatly.

Hold an Auction

Another form of entertainment for you to put on for your guests is to hold an auction. This could either be to raise funds for your business or to help raise money for a charity that might be close to your heart or that is something that your business already supports in one way or another. Not only that, but it also is something that everyone in the room can get excited about, particularly if you have lots of amazing prizes on offer.

If you are planning on holding an auction, you need to make this very clear before everyone arrives. If you are sending out invitations, make it clear on the invitation that the auction will be taking place, so people can ensure they bring money with them to bid and possibly buy items.

With an auction, you could either be the one leading the auction, or you could get someone within your business to run it. You could even possibly hire a proper auctioneer for the evening as these are the people who are more likely to know how to put on some sort of a show to get the crowd more excited about the items on offer. Regardless of who runs the auction, it is also important to remember that you cannot just say what the items are and what the bidding price is. You should be giving a background to each item as this is what is more likely to draw people in and if you can make the items relatable and sell them, this may lead to people wanting to spend more money and outbid one another. It’s about getting them excited which is the most important aspect.

Getting Your Clients Excited

Getting your clients excited is what is most important when holding a big business meeting or event. Not just for the event, but also in getting them excited about your business. You may see events like this as being costly, however, the business you will get back in return from those who attend, not just people who are already familiar with your business, but also those who have only recently heard about your business and want to find out more. If you can get these clients excited and give them an experience that they are unlikely to forget, this will help with your engagement and can help spread the word about your business and the events you put on, which will be widely beneficial to you and your business in the long run.


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