How to Go It Alone as an Electrician and Still Make Money

Once you’re a fully qualified electrician you’ve got the skills to go it alone. Although there are many advantages to having a salary based incomed, freelancing has so many more benefits. It can be scary, leaving the stability of a steady income and guaranteed regular work but, there are lots of ways to go freelance and still make money. Here’s how to make the jump to being self-employed a success:

Build Clients

Firstly, don’t make the move towards being self-employed until you’re sure you’ll have a strong client base. There are lots of ways you can build this up, mainly by word of mouth once you do a great job on one person’s home or business, then they’re sure to recommend you to family and friends. Be armed with your own business cards and give them out when you do a job so people can easily pass on your details to family and friends. Setting up you own business based social media profiles is also a great way to raise awareness and promote your services for free.

Advertise in the Right Places

Advertising your services in the right places is a way to guarantee you’ll get work. Look for trade directories which are free, build your own website and try and use some basic SEO so that when people are searching google for an electrician in your area you’ll be the first person they find. Additionally, offline advertising can also be helpful as older people tend to still use offline methods like local newspapers and supermarket boards to look for tradesmen.

Use Freedom to Your Advantage

As a self-employed electrician, you have the freedom to work as and when you like, meaning that you’re not restricted by contracted working hours. This means if you need to do a job on a Sunday morning then you can do it and earn some extra income as opposed to working for someone else and only being able to work your contracted hours. In the beginning stages, using this to your advantage to do lots of work and this should help you to build your reputation.

Shop Around

Now you have the freedom to use the materials and tools you like best, shopping around to find them at the best prices is important. Use sites like Electrical Guys, where you’ll find high quality electrical supplies for great prices and buy in bulk to make savings.

By following all these top tips, you’ll be able to go self-employed and not have to worry about how you’re still going to make money.


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