How to Make Your First Billion

If you have a start-up or an idea for a start-up then I strongly recommend that you block out an hour in your diary & sit back with a cup of coffee & listen to this radio play from the BBC.

The BBC creates great audio content but it is unfortunately often Geo-blocked outside of the UK. This one isn’t, as it is on their World Service - I can hear it in Australia so hopefully you can too, wherever you are.

It is entertaining, informing, inspiring & yet, despite the title (How to make your first Billion), it’s not just another ‘go get em’ speech from a success coach, but a story that follows the lives of a team of people developing a start-up business in Silicon Valley. Although the actual story is fictional & the cast are actors, the broadcast is peppered with real-life interviews with successful entrepreneurs, including the founders of Yahoo & Twitter, who all give great advice.

Whether you are currently working from home, trying to get financial backing, trying to get customers or even just dreaming about how it could work for you, then I’m sure there will be something in there that will resonate with your own experience.

I have listened to it many times & it has certainly helped me in developing my own start-up, in particular when Subash says “We are a start-up & we have to keep a lid on costs.”  This thinking is actually the basis for the business that I have put together that helps small, start-up businesses to take control of their off-line promotion for the lowest cost available.

We’ve all heard about the need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ &, to a point, that is something that we should all expect when starting up a new business but the question is (& an increasingly relevant one in today’s financial climate) is; how much should we be speculating? Should you be spending money that your business has not yet earned? Should you be borrowing money in the hope that the more money you invest at the start, the greater your chance of success?

If the GFC has taught us anything then surely it is that; whether we’re managing a household, a business or a nation, then we should not be spending money that we do not have.

When you start a new business then promotion is an essential activity, but what options are currently available? Looking specifically at off-line media; there is the bespoke graphic design option (which is often expensive), there are the ‘low-cost’ on-line printers (with endless upsells & add-ons) or there is the cheapest option of doing it yourself (which is often time consuming & ultimately detrimental to your business).

Home Business Print was created as an alternative to these current options where customers can personalize our professionally designed, on-line templates & download the PDF within minutes. They then have the PDF artwork to print as much or as little as they need, when they need it. Plus, the high-resolution PDF can be printed at home or taken to a printer.

This was not created to be a ‘Rolls Royce’ solution but rather, a simple & affordable one to get your business ‘out there’ with a positive & professional first impression. ‘Keeping a lid on costs’ is such an important consideration for all of us starting out. It shouldn’t mean compromising too much, just being aware of what alternatives are available to you in meeting your end goal.

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Home business print has been created to fulfill an increasing need; an easy & affordable way for home based businesses to access professionally designed promotional material.


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