How to Make Your Most Clunky Online Processes Smooth Again

It doesn't matter if you run your business out of a retail shop, sites around the world, or even your own home. Your online presence is critical to the success of your future. Potential partners and customers typically make first contact with your business online and get to know you in comparison to your competitors here. The most attractive and engaging online processes bring them back for more. Clunky processes, such as slow-loading pages, broken links, confusing navigation, difficult checkout, and poor communication, force people to look elsewhere for information, products, and services. Inefficiency also generates bad buzz. Make your online processes smooth again by following these four tips for improving online presence.

Run Monitoring Software and Apps Regularly

A current antivirus or security computer system program and browser app can help you determine if malware and website hacks are the problem. A thorough computer scan and visit to your website might result in your security tools generating a warning. Another option is Google Search Console. This webmaster tool can locate site security problems, offer solutions for reporting and fixing them, and provide other valuable tips and guidance for making your website less clunky and more attractive to searchers.

Switch Online Access and Hosted Service Providers

Your current internet and hosted service providers might not be offering you the best possible service. For example, you should switch your internet service provider if your employees are having difficulty on a regular basis with accessing the internet or your computer-based point of sale system runs too slowly and the current provider has offered no valuable insight into the problem or a solution. You should switch from your current hosted service provider if it fails to offer user-friendly tools. Never become that type of business owner who stays with a service provider who costs them time and money for no other reason than they hate change. Look into programs like for a better option for your business site.

Invest in Better Browsing and Website Tools

To smooth out online processes, you need to take a step back and consider the perspectives of your employees, partners, and customers. For example, a site review might reveal that you need to offer more commonly-known website navigation options. Also, look at consumer shopping and checkout experiences. Shoppers often refuse to complete a sale when a website reveals important details like an item's price and related color, style, or accessory options at checkout rather than on a product page. Many businesses force shoppers to register before they can check out or turn the checkout process into an overly lengthy ordeal that wastes a lot of their time by requiring navigation of several pages. You might also need to improve communication if, for example, you force customers to request invoices instead of generate them automatically.

Hire an Expert Website Designer to Guide You

Lastly, a clunky online experience often results from amateur work. Many business owners try to cut costs by setting up their own websites from scratch with perhaps only a basic online template to guide them. An expert website designer has the knowledge and skills to link your brand with a smooth and enjoyable online experience in the workplace and in the wilds of the internet. A designer can explain color theory so you can reduce the "feeling" of a clunky experience that often occurs for no other reason than your use of the wrong colors online, such as text color that blends in too much with a page background. A designer also has access to consumer statistics and studies that show which designs and features attract customers the most.

With so many free and low-cost computer and website tools and experts readily available, you have no excuse for clunky online processes. Start today with these tips to make your business more efficient and successful.

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