How to Plan Fun Business Events that Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is extremely important in all work settings. Studies show that about 70 percent of workers today are disengaged in their workplace. While it does require a monetary contribution to attempt to boost employee morale, the money spent can be seen as an investment.

Employees who are engaged are more positive, more productive, motivated to perform, and eager to attend work. This translates into reduced absenteeism and increased employee retention all the way across the organization.

There’s no denying just how important it is to invest in your employees. These individuals may be earning an income, but they are also juggling to find the work/personal life balance that can take a toll on team energy and morale. If you’re looking for ideas on how to plan your first business event to thank your employees for all that they do, here are some tips.

Get Approval from Corporate

If you work for a large corporation, it’s common for there to be policies and procedures in place regarding holding events. An employee appreciation event might be a great investment, but corporate will have a say in how big the event can be and which departments must be involved.

Many reputable corporations approve of these business events but want to know the details for tracking purposes. Call the HR department and see if you need to take any steps to follow policy.

Choosing a Day and Time

You’ll have to make a serious decision as to whether or not you’re going to hold your business event on a day when employees are working. If the event is going to be in the office during the day, it might be best for you to choose a day where trends show it is slowest.

If, however, you want to hold your event away from the office, choosing a day the office is closed could work best for your proposal.

Set Your Budget and Choose a Venue

The budget is one of the most important things you’ll need to really plan the best possible event to boost employee morale. You don’t want to spend more than you absolutely need to, but you also have to remember that you need a reasonable amount of money to fund activities, catering, and prizes for giveaways.

It is more affordable to hold appreciation events at your workplace. The only issue there is that many employees want to get away from where they work to play. If you’re choosing a Provo events venue for a formal event or you’re going to host an outdoor sporting event, make sure you reserve the venue or park early.

It’s also important to go and do a thorough inspection of the property or venue to look for potential hazards. The last thing you want to happen is someone getting injured at a company-sponsored party. You may even want to make employees sign a waiver if you have potentially dangerous activities planned.

Look to Partner with Local Companies in the Area

It’s always nice to support businesses in your community that support you. Before you order a whole bunch of bulk foods or online prizes, try and find a company locally that’s willing to partner with you. They may want you to advertise their logo around the party in exchange for free or steeply discounted goods, but it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Hire a Company for Setup and Cleanup

If you’re ordering fun houses for the kids or jumpers, the company delivering the activities will deliver them and set them up. You still might need to hire a separate company to set up the decorations and organize all of the food and tables. Hiring the same company for setup and cleanup could get you a good deal.

Celebrate with Your Team

Employees can be intimidated by their bosses. If you’re in charge of planning the event, don’t get so wrapped up in the hosting that you don’t mingle and bond with the people you’re celebrating. You can plan to have bingo, raffles, and other contests, but it’s very important for the leaders in the organization to be involved.

Events aren’t the only thing that you need to boost employee morale. As fun as they are, you’ll still have to offer a great compensation package complete with benefits and time off if you really want employees to report with bright smiles on their faces. Celebrate and give your employees time to refresh and you’ll see a major shift in production.

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