How to Recruit the Best Talent For Your Business

What is your company doing to attract top talent? If your business is to continue to grow, then you need to constantly be thinking about recruitment, even if you feel that your staff is where it should be at this moment. The bright minds you have now will eventually move on, and you need to have smart candidates who can fill those roles.

To do so, you have to separate your company from the pack. What are you offering the candidate pool that they can’t get from your competitors? And even once you have secured the dream team, what are you doing to retain them? Bringing on the best employees can be overwhelming at times, but we have compiled a few tips to help you obtain the ideal staff.


Find the Right People

So why do you need to recruit the best? Well, you not only need to find great people for new roles, but you also need to think seriously about the brain drain your company will suffer when your veteran employees retire. You need to get bright and receptive minds that can learn from these experienced employees. These may be complex positions, so you can’t take just anyone off of the street.


Start your recruitment measures by looking within your current workforce and ask for referrals. Your employees know your business better than anyone, so who do they know who has the experience and intelligence to handle your work and become future leaders? A good referral plan offers incentives to the employees, such as a monetary bonus after the employee remains employed for a predetermined amount of time. This stipulation will ensure that your employees are not referring just anyone, but instead candidates who will stand the test of time.


Encourage your employees to show your referrals the job descriptions, which should be constructed with thoughtful content. One of the best tips for improving your recruiting success is to continuously improve your job descriptions so they are exceptionally clear and explain exactly which duties the candidate will perform. Be realistic about how much experience a candidate should have, and if someone comes in with a little less time in the field but a wealth of knowledge on how to do the tasks, give them a chance to show you what they’ve got in an interview. 


Hire Intelligently

To ensure you’re recruiting the best possible candidates, you need to use smart hiring practices that go beyond asking a few questions. Instead, throw out potential scenarios that candidates may see while on the job and determine if their answers show necessary the logic and experience, which will benefit your team. During the process, have them complete a series of assessments that can better gauge their skills, including typing, math, and physical testing for manual labor positions.


If you believe you have found the perfect candidate, but you are still a bit skittish on making a final decision, you could try hiring someone on a trial basis. Hiring someone to try a few projects or join as a freelancer can give you a great idea of their potential. Not only can this help you find the perfect fit, but potential candidates might be drawn to your business based on this idea, knowing there is no commitment if they feel they’re not right for the job.


No matter what, when looking for the best upcoming talent, your business needs to stand out. According to recent studies, social and environmental concerns are huge draws for young men and women, so if your company gives back, is diversified, and makes a point to use sustainable technology, you are likely to draw bright minds whose values are in line with your own. Job seekers usually look for companies where they can be part of a family instead of just being nameless workers who are easily forgotten. If team building activities are an integral part of your company culture, publicize them on a regular basis. You can show all of your core values via diversified content on your website.


Retain the Talent

Now that you are able to recruit the top talent, you also need to take the right steps to keep them around for the long term so they can grow and thrive with your company. The best way to make an attractive workplace is with employee perks and benefits. Start with the basics like health insurance plans, vacation time, and family leave. Then think about some bonus perks your company can offer if you have the capacity to do so.


The potential to work from home could bring in a lot of great applicants. Many people enjoy the idea of being able to cut their commute and work from the privacy of their own home, and these days, more companies are jumping at the idea as they realize that doing so can cut costs on property expenses and office supplies.


The trick is to have perks that not a lot of other companies have, especially if you are in a competitive industry. According to a survey by CareerBuilder in 2013, there were many perks that get candidate's attention, including a flexible schedule, half-day Fridays, and the ability to wear jeans to work; many of these hold true six years later. You can also add a health and wellness benefit by having an on-site fitness center or an insurance plan that incentivizes healthy living by giving discounts on deductibles for those who meet specific criteria. The key is to find incentives that will get valuable employees excited about coming to work every day.


There is a great new workforce brewing out there, and if you want your business to thrive, you want to attract the best. Think about what your company has to offer, work to your strengths, and you will get the top talent.


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