How the Right Marketing can Improve Your Business

If your business has recently started, then you will know that building your company and brand is important. There are many ways to achieve this, but by far the most reliable way is to have a good marketing strategy in place. If you can get your brand in front of your customers, then they will find you and start to buy your products. Here is how using the right marketing can help your business to improve.

Get Started on Social Media

One of the best marketing tools in recent years has been social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have changed the way that customers interact with each other and with other companies. It means that you can quickly get to your customers because they will often be online looking at their news feeds. Even if you don’t have the finances to pay for ads on the platforms, you can still get a lot of engagement from posting regularly. You also want to reply to your customers if they ask a question or are unhappy. You might want to have a dedicated social media worker that deals with all your posts and replies, as this will become a big part of your marketing as your business grows.

Make Video Ads and Tutorials

The second biggest search engine on the internet behind Google is YouTube. If anyone wants to see something, they will usually search there before anywhere else, and so this is a great opportunity to get your company in front of these people. You can create video ads that can be played on YouTube in between videos, though this can be an expensive way to reach people. Another option is to make your own videos for your company, you can create tutorials for your products, or showcase them on your own channel. You should also share those videos around your other social media platforms so that as many people as possible can see them. If you don’t think that you can do these videos yourself, then you can always hire someone who can.

Start Blogging

If you don’t have a blog for your company, then you should start one. They can be a great way to explain things to your customers as well as talk about new products or stores. You can also mention competitions or giveaways and tell people if there is a special promotion in their area. However, it can be tricky to get your blog off the ground, so some prefer to post on other people’s blogs as opposed to their own. It will give you a lot more presence if you post on someone else’s blog that has a lot of followers. You can also use this in the same way on YouTube, by approaching those with many followers and asking them to review your products. They will get a lot of views, and this will give you a lot of potential customers coming to your website and stores.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

If you have some money that you can use towards your marketing, then you can start a paid advertising campaign. The places you choose to advertise depends on where you think your target audience is. You can find this out by conducting market research either by having people on the street asking questions or by analytics of social media and Google. They can often also provide you with the ads that you can place depending on this demographic information. Platforms such as Facebook use this data to place your ads directly in front of those people that fit your target audience.

Unique Branding Ideas

Sometimes companies use unique advertising to get the attention of their customers and generate interest. The branding can be anything you can think of, but it should be interesting and something your customers will want to buy. For example, if you are selling food items, then perhaps you could source some nice looking cookie tins and use those to dress your cookies nicely. You could also devise a limited edition of one of your products to get the interest of customers that have bought a different version of your product before. It can be especially enticing if they are part of a set that they need to collect. You can also use this branding in your advertising temporarily so that as many people as possible are aware of it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to get to your customers, and many companies still use it a lot. The way it works is that you collect your customer's email addresses as you make sales, then you can send these customers an email every two weeks or monthly, telling them about the great new offers or new products you are selling. You can also send them special offers and vouchers for being a loyal customer. You might think that people don’t look at these emails anymore, but if they are interested in your brand, and as long as you aren’t spammy, you should get results. Getting returning customers to buy is far easier than trying to attract new customers, so this part of your marketing should be a priority for your company.

Joint Marketing

Sometimes there are other companies that can complement your business well. For example, if you sell shoes, then there might be a company selling polish that you can work with on advertising. You should contact them and see if there is a way you can sell some of your products together and use joint advertising. You can then share the cost of the ads, plus, you also get access to their customer base and they yours. It can be a useful way of tapping into other markets without having a separate marketing campaign.

Your business relies on its customers to be a success, and how you attract those customers is vital. If you can show them what you have to offer, you can encourage them to check out your stores and your website.


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