How Small Businesses can Find Prospects

Finding the right business prospects and converting them into valuable leads are essential in keeping the business afloat. To this end, many platforms are available in reaching a desired audience. Especially now with the advent of technology, more ways of reaching potential clients have been established.

Take a look at some of the known most effective ways of finding prospects for your business:

Check out Social Media Sites

Social media is a valuable tool for reaching out to a vast group of people who may be interested in what companies offer. People these days are known to connect with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in an effort to gain more insight about what they are looking for. This is why companies with dedicated social media pages are apt to gain more sales in the long run.

Since these platforms contain the opinions of many, prospects are more likely to make transactions with businesses that have a strong and positive social media presence. Social networks are easily established, convenient and have the ability to make fast connections. The key is keeping these updated and interesting.

Do Internet Research

When trying to gauge what service or product to purchase, people tend to make their own research first using the web. With the interconnected quality of the internet, prospective clients can find what they want and make decisions based on what they see and read.

When research about a company returns good information, prospects then turn into leads. Thus a good reputation within the internet is a must for companies.

Find Referrals

Referrals from existing customers are direct proofs of a company's reputation. With these statements coming from customers who have already experienced a company's service or tried its product, people will be convinced whether or not it is the right one for them.

A firm reputation with existing clients is a goal companies have to strive for. This is because these individuals are likely to refer prospects to a company whose services they enjoyed. To this end, a client's connections must be kept in mind because they are good sources of future customers.

Send out Emails

Electronic email campaigns have an added personal touch. Prospective clients whom companies regularly contact through email are constantly updated with relevant offers. Following up on established contacts is also a good way of letting a company's presence be unforgotten.

One of the advantages of email is its more focused quality, especially when sent out to an already established audience. When properly and strategically written and targeted to a select group of people, emails return more prospects that could turn into valuable leads.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are a good way for companies to personalize their search for prospective clients. Meeting face to face with individuals, companies who successfully conduct trade shows can see an increase in sales using strategies that involve good communication and mutual understanding.

Trade shows open up the important element of gaining contacts in the form of the exchange of business cards and others. Once this is achieved, companies can then stay in touch and remind prospects of what they have to offer, building meaningful client relationships all the while.


The key to a successful business prospect plan lies on an established strategy. Small businesses need to map out the kind of marketing they need to pursue in order for it to be effective. Business prospecting that tends to be all over things without a truly centralized principle may not be as lucrative. Focus, creativity and dedication are paramount. After all, many of these platforms do not require high costs, so it can’t hurt to try.

About the author

Ethan Robinson is an Australia-based online marketing strategist who constantly works with local and international clients. He is currently partnering with US-based Small Business Expo to get more SME owners together and build business-impacting networks.


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