How to support your beautician business during COVID via the internet

The lockdown has been a challenge for the whole world. Even in countries that have handled the pandemic well, businesses have been closed and are dealing with constant uncertainty. The beautician business, more than most other sectors, has been hit hard. These companies are often the first to be shut down, with no chance for face-to-face interaction with clients, and then they are the last to be allowed to open.

The internet has been the means for most to work from home. However, how is it possible for beauticians to use the virtual world to keep their business going? Here we explore the ways the sector could prosper online.

Selling online

eCommerce is one of the more obvious ways to support your beautician business. You have connections with suppliers and could sell you stock online. Using sites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, you could maintain an income while we get back to some sort of normal.

There are eCommerce shops you can set up where you do not have to manage the inventory. For instance, Amazon FBA allows you to list and market the items, but they are dispatched by Amazon itself. You could even use your expertise to put together DIY homecare kits that you sell white-label through your page. 

If you want to make eCommerce an onward part of your business, then you might want to take this time to set up your website. Having multiple channels in today's marketplace is advisable anyway, so this could be the time you have been looking for to set this up.

Offering consultations

It is true to say that you cannot meet clients face-to-face. It is also fair to suggest that people are less likely to revert to online purchases of beauty products, as people are often unsure which one, they should choose.

One way to overcome this reticence to buy luxury beauty products online is to offer virtual consultation. Imagine taking the instore conversation about skin type and lifestyle onto a video conferencing software. You could take them through the application of the products during the consultation too, then offer to dispatch the item immediately. 

It is well-known in the beautician sector that the consultation drives conversions. Therefore, you can help guide people towards an impulse purchase, which they might have made on the way to the till in your shop.

Some companies are using augmented reality apps to increase the power of this consultation. There are tech companies offering apps that allow you to use the camera to enable the client to try before they buy – well, virtually try anyway.

Online tutorials

Sometimes, the best way to keep your business going is to maintain your loyal customer base. To do this, you need to make use of social media and video hosting sites. 

On a basic level, you can write articles on how to do manicures or deal with exposed roots. Publishing these articles on your social media or your website will keep you in your clients' consciousness. If you feel confident, you can film YouTube tutorials or offer live events on social media, teaching some of the treatments you would normally do in person.

People are looking to overcome the stresses and strains of lockdown life. A chance to learn some of the skills needed to pamper themselves could be the perfect antidote. If you step up and offer to support your clients' wellbeing, they will likely turn up to help you recover once your shop or clinic opens again.

One of the positive side effects of the pandemic is a desire to support businesses to survive and recover. Any investment you make in your clients now will bear fruit once some sort of normality returns. 

A lot of beautician companies have done much to maintain relevance by supporting healthcare providers. Donating PPE and simple products like moisturising hand creams have led to positive media exposure that can help businesses survive.


Pivot has become one of the most popular terms of the COVID era, along with social distancing and support bubbles. Pivoting means you take your business model and adapt it to fit the times. At a time when people are concerned most about health and wellbeing, you can change your business model to source and sell in-demand products. For instance, hand sanitiser and moisturisers are in much demand. Equally, people want to improve immunity and are looking for products to help them stay healthy.

In short

There are ways for beautician businesses to continue in the time of COVID. While working from home seems impossible for a personal care profession, using the internet to sell and offer advice could keep your business going through these challenging times.

About the author

Laura McLoughlin has previous experience as a website editor and content creator. She now works with Printed Packs and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


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