Idea Cafe grant campaign going strong

Registration for the current Idea Cafe small business grant is ongoing with significant interest on part of small business owners. Entrepreneurs from all across America are submitting their applications. Did you submit yours? It's free.

The Idea Cafe cash grant, to be awarded for the seventh time, selects the best business ideas, and with the help of Idea Cafe regulars decides the winner of a $1,000.00 check and months of free promotion on Idea Cafe. Traditionally we get hundreds of exciting applications from all industry fields.

Here are some random entries:

  • Laurie from Wyoming says the grant will help her quit one of her jobs and focus on her crafts business.
  • Denise from Georgia will use the money to expand the gardens of a historic home used as a social rental facility.
  • Kimberley from California needs to add multimedia capabilities to the website of her record company.

There are many, many more applications that are deserving of a mention, and which have the precious ability to inspire. So stay with Idea Cafe, as the grant campaign unfolds, and don't hesitate to apply for a chance to win! Deadline is May 17th.

If you are not convinced, read through the reports of WOMbeat!--the winner of our previous grant.


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