Increase Profitability and Customer Retention with Timesheet Software

The costs of time management, payroll and accounting are among the largest expenses facing any business. Whether your company employs ten or ten thousand, the expense of handling time sheets, payroll, workflow and job outlays significantly impacts your revenue stream. Most importantly, those costs have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Losing Customers Hurts More Than Your Feelings

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires flexibility and rapid reaction to customer needs. Modern technology and enhanced communications have raised clients’ expectations when it comes to service and responsiveness.

Losing customers doesn't just hurt your feelings, however. Your business’ profitability is affected immediately. Even worse, your reputation with future customers is diminished.

The CEO Refresher reports that, on average, businesses lose 10% to 30% of customers each year. If yours is an online business, that number may be much higher.

There are a number of reasons for this. The customer may no longer require your service or product. The competition may have given them a deal they could not refuse. They may have closed up shop, moved away or passed away. Those things happen in the real world.

However, the primary reason in almost 70% of cases is that the customer felt that the business did not care about them or their business. In short, the perceived lack of customer service caused them to move on. Customer retention requires businesses to be responsive and proactive.

A Tool to Help in Retention and Profitability

A modern time sheet software system can be a major tool in customer retention and profitability. Every unnecessary minute and dollar you, or your accounting and HR departments, dedicate to managing the minutiae of employee time, payroll and accountability is time and money lost from supporting your customers.

It is certain that you care about them, but if they perceive that you don’t, it won’t matter. A customer’s reality is their experience with you, not with your good intentions.

Simplify and Streamline

The Small Business Administration (SBA) points out that employee payroll costs are among the highest expenses facing any business. and recommends streamlining and simplifying these tasks in order to increase profitability. Time sheet software systems are the solution and they come in many formats.

The Canadian-based women's business mentoring and consultancy website, is a strong proponent of cost efficiency and reduction through technology. Programs such as Clockspot,'s time sheet management system provide flexibility, adaptability and control for large or small businesses.

Look for these capabilities in considering a time sheet software program:

  • Clock in anywhere: Employees are able to clock in anywhere from a web browser, cell phone or landline. That puts them on the job sooner and with customers when you need them there.
  • Payroll reports: You, your accounting department and the employee can view payroll reports, time sheets, overtime, pay slips and time off online, eliminating time-consuming consultations with employees
  • PTO accruals: Answers employee questions online and provides background and budgeting requirements for Paid Time Off accruals
  • Job costing: Allows you to track employee workflow, assignments and related staff costs
  • Time off: Tracks employee actual time off and requests for time off, and provides an online system approval or denial process
  • GPS tracking: Some systems, like Clockspot, provide GPS tracking capability for an additional level of field employee management
  • SSL security: Online security is critical and the right system will verify their security certificates for you and provide peace of mind that your business remains your business.

Want to increase profitability and customer satisfaction?

Maximize both with a time sheet software system that will meet your business’ needs now and into the future.


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